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Global Agenda takes aim at bots, aimbots specifically {Massively}

Mar 18th 2010 12:40PM The existence of aimbots really is a pain. I'd say I'm only "good" as a sniper. I think I've been accused of aimbotting over 10 times and I've been playing for only 4 days. It's sad that good snipers don't get the respect they deserve b/c of these aimbots. Still ppl in this game need to play more FPS if they can't imagine someone sniping them while they fly in a constant direction at a constant rate. I think if I asked in Local chat who all thought I was botting, I'd get 20 tells...
Hint: It's easier to snipe someone in the air b/c they can't change direction as quickly.
Hint 2: If you move left and right in a constant pattern I can KNOW where you will be and shoot you.
Hint 3: Even if you move left to right in an inconsistant pattern I can still GUESS where you will be and shoot you. Ever meet some one good at rock paper scissors? Well with this there's even less options for you...left or right.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Warrior DPS Blues {WoW}

May 15th 2009 8:56AM yea, yea, u may run all the #'s u want but the bottom line is the best fury warr's in my guild 11/14, 25 ulduar, on fights like deconstructor where they take constant dmg. blow everything up and top the meters. Quit crying b/c u dont dominate the meters, ur class is still quite solid dps and always top 5 in my guild in a balanced fight (i.e. no advantage towards a particular DPS type) My main isa lock and he keeps up w/ me quite well in several fights, my DPS is better but its obvious y'all r whining b/c u went from destroying the meters to being in the top 1/2 of the meters. You cant be on top forever, get over it. Y'all r lucky they didnt nerf u to the bottom of the charts, and if u r now....ur terrible. Oh and my lock is always in the top 1-5 of evry fight depending on the balance of the fight and the tasks im assigned to, so saying he hangs w/ me is impressive. For ex. we are 1 and 2 dps on Deconstructor ( he woulda beat me if he didnt get gravity bomb in the final 30 sec). If u can pull 2nd on the meters ina good guild...dont whine.

Varian Wrynn is Right {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 1:14PM TY for this article I was actually thinking recently that the Allies were just a bunch of racists, killing blood elf allies in cold blood and such and freakn out while the horde is just try'n to play nice (for the most part). At seemed that way.
But GREAT the Horde looked like a buncha pansies that way anyways. I rolled horde b/c I wanted to be the bad guy, not a good guy w/ deliquent tendencies. I hope we chop up ally women and children (poison is for undead chumps) as soon as our future is secure. Perhaps Wyrnn is the only one who gets whats goin on. Thanks for renewing the hope that there's is still evil left in this world. Muahaha SLAY THEM ALL!!!