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Blood Pact: What's up with everybody? {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 3:44PM You know very little about how to raid as a warlock. The Life Tap glyph was what finally convinced you to skip dark pact? What about the thoughts, opinions and math of the entire warlock community, which has demonstrated that even without 4pc T7 bonus or the glyph, life tap still returns more mana than DP for the same gcd? Have you never been to

You don't bother with a pet as affliction? Depriving your raid of ~450 dps because you don't want to push the petattack button? You'd be guarding the summoning stone for any competent guild with an attitude like that.

Also: "It was a huge help to me in understanding the changes made to the specs which I am less familiar with. "....Learn to write english correctly if you're going to be a writer.

I will no longer be reading your article. You know less than the average player and don't write well, so I can see nothing redeeming about your contributions here.