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Ghostcrawler to take a break from the forums {WoW}

Sep 26th 2009 9:30PM Before replying, I'll send my wishes to GC for his "vacation". I've always been more than thrilled to read his posts as I am really interested in game design. Every little comment of his was always such a fascinating learning experience about how our beloved WoW is designed. Hope to see him "crawling" around again someday.

Now about the Spriests, the QQ and the DPS meters. @theholyevil I don't mean to be offensive in anyway towards you, my friend, but as the former (due to RL issues) GM of a casual guild in the EU servers I'll have to say this: if you were a DPS in my guild I would rarely give you a spot. The reason is simple, you are looking at Recount/ WAY too much. There is a rule in my guild that was made for people exactly like you which states that the use of Recount during raids by anyone lower than Officer rank will automatically lead them to being kicked from their given raid. Now I am not so dense as to believe they are not using it but are they linking stats and such? Hell no. Believe me this made a world of difference for our performance because people started realising there are more things to do then just whack/nuke a raid boss. And that is exactly what hybrid classes do! They throw dispells/cures/antidotes, they throw Hands (paladins), they switch to bear form and OT small adds (druids), . Again, do not take this offensively as I do understand that for a DPS it can be stressfull when they aren't pulling off high enough numbers and their GM may be considering replacing. But here's the good news! GM's who think that way should quit their "job" because DPS numbers aren't everything! A GM should be looking at all the data because most fights need more than just pure numbers. That being said you should probably be looking at your overall performance and if it's not appreciated, well you figure out the rest. My guild had 2 Spriests, really good players both of them. Both say that its a hard spec to play as but once you get it down its a lot of fun. Just my 2-cents to buy you some "food for thought". Cheers

Officers' Quarters: Guild leader loot rage {WoW}

Sep 7th 2009 8:38PM I don't really wanna comment on whether the loot was given properly or not because I am not aware of their rules nor what exactly the situation was (as some have said, it's unclear on the mail). My real gripe is how the GM handled this situation. He was being selfish and immature, and anyone who is in this guild with him should up and leave right now. When someone starts acting in such a manner it is a clear sign that things aren't going to go very well. As the article author stated in his reply, he has set the tone and people are either going to start throwing fits of rages over loot or they are going to catch on to what the GM is like and start leaving. I used to be a GM for a pretty well made guild (I've stopped WoW due to professional reasons) and one of my officers had a flair for messing up with loot a lot when he was ML. I never ever ever demoted or even considered such an option because even when things get messed up there is a way to correct it. There is a huge taste of coward in this story too as the GM apparently didn't have the spine to state his thoughts to Anonymous. He waited for him to log off and then demote him. Apparently this GM hasn't made the guild in order to enjoy the benefits of team spirit. He also doesn't seem to grasp the notion that a leader has to, above all things, care for his guildies. I don't claim to have been the best leader (though I like to believe I've been better than this guy) but I've done my best to give the best examples possible by upholding and following the rules, pass on gear, rejoice on others' successes and be as fair as I can be. All of this because I wanted to make a guild that would last. So, yeah, Anonymous if you are reading this, don't beat yourself up. Even if you did mess up on loot distribution, it happens and it is no excuse for a GM to act like a spoiled brat. Good luck finding a guild with a more mature and responsible leadership.

Officers' Quarters: Cataclysm will reshape guilds {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 2:52PM If a guild's GM is not being a proper leader then the guild has no reason to exist, guild talents, achievements and all that boulderdash be damned. I say this as a GM of a casual guild in a small server. My officers and I have worked long and hard to make a nice environment with some steady raid progression. For anything that has to do with the guild the lowest rank we would probably consult (and on very few occassions) are Veterans (1 step under officer). And there aren't that many of them. Giving all members the option to vote for stuff, especially change of GM is just asking for the guild to change as a whole. If you don't like what the leadership team and core members have established then the problem isn't with them but with u. If you want more "democracy" for sure there are those who go about this method. But a guild with a certain "vision" cannot be run under such circumstances cause people's "visions" vary. All these perks they are adding are just what they are: perks. Nothing is remotely changing except for perks being more tangible. Until now the only real perk was being able to raid on a weekly basis. If you /gquit don't u lose that? And don't tell me u can hop on to another guild and be as u used to be cause that cannot be true. U would need to invest time into finding a new guild and then once u did u would have to work on gaining trusts and making new acquaintances all over again. Quite frankly I feel we should be more concerned about people sticking around just for the perks rather than the guild itself. 2cents of a 1-year-old GM. :-)

Officers' Quarters: Ball and chain {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 4:29PM First off /clap at the women comments! :-) I see that you guys really must be the most perfect raiders in the world! No fails no nothing! Just go /proud to yourselves!

Now regarding Anonymous's problem. I am a woman and GM of a guild that may not be so different from what he describes as a "semi-casual", though I don't like labels. Your guild is your guild. It is the people you like playing with and the community you enjoy. Now there is one thing that member of my guild appreciate and that is the honesty of not just me but the rest of the leadership. We tell people directly when they need to improve, what they can and cannot raid in and we do that with proper evidence and mature discussion. This is how people also get filtered. If they understand and appreciate your honesty they will stay and believe me they will become better than they were on all fronts. But if they don't and start making up excuses for themselves and cause drama then I'm afraid that they probably do not fit into your community really. Married couples are a sketchy but not impossible thing to handle. Since the wife is the "drama queen" I'd suggest going to the husband and giving it to him straight, even with numbers if you have to. Tell him that during the next raid you will give him specifically the Failbot reports if he doesn't see that his wife is holding the raid back. But you also need to tell him that all is not lost and that his wife can very well become a good player with practice and acknowledgment of her faults. You should also suggest that you have a discussion with both of them, the GM and officers and find a proper solution like adults should. I'd say this is your best shot because it creates you one of two good opportunities:
A) The wife becomes a better player and you gain an asset
B) The couple acknowledges that they cannot play in a guild and either stay as social members or quit the game thus making you room for two new people with lots of potential.
The downside is that you might lose your best player but maybe in the end he doesn't really have the capacity to be that person at this stage of his life. Maybe he was hoping his wife would become better so he doesn't lose his favorite pastime due to his marriage. It could be possible that they may discuss this and the wife might acknowledge that she can't raid and just stop leaving room for the husband to continue. Very few chances but it could happen.