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Starbucks Logo Simplified {Slashfood}

Jan 6th 2011 1:33PM It sounds like Starbucks wants to weaken its brand at the possibility of increasing profits from other product lines. I don't like the new logo. Will it be enough for me to quit drinking their coffee? No, but I think this is a move in the wrong direction. Do what you do and be the best in it -- don't travel too far afield. You can't even make fresh tasting, tasty pastries or muffins so why try to do other products until you can get your existing food right?

Dell boils "hip" down to $699 Mike Ming Inspiron 1525 laptops {Engadget}

May 6th 2008 4:25PM Wow.. looks cool --- except for the big ugly DELL in the center.

AdJab's retirement {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Feb 3rd 2007 12:00AM Anyone know of a good blog covering the same topics that AdJab did?

Dead iPod follow up {BloggingStocks}

Dec 10th 2006 5:57PM LOL. Why would Apple make improvements if people like you drop $250 when their player fails?

Sponsors love Oprah's XM show {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Sep 29th 2006 7:20PM I thought that XM and Sirius were supposed to be commercial free? What are you paying for radio if its not for avoiding the commercials?

Patch Day Excitement {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 10:58PM Here's a question. Why aren't players compensated with an extra day when a patch goes horribly wrong like this? I think it should be automatic that Blizzard would compensate for this. Why should players have to pay for their problems? I understand that WoW is incredibly complex and is perhaps the most involved game ever created, but when their software doesn't work, we shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes.

Play the Dr. Z sweepstakes {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Aug 16th 2006 2:25PM Does anyone actually like the Dr. Z commercials? This has to be one of the most inept car commercial campaigns I've ever seen.