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Encrypted Text: Pre-raid gear for Cataclysm rogues {WoW}

Dec 15th 2010 3:46PM Indeed. I'd like to hear more about the issue with Expertise. From what I understand, it has been devalued for all specs since dodged finishers no longer cost full energy. Expertise has been devalued even more for Assassination after the latest buffs to its mastery.

I'll be raiding as Assassination, and the min/maxer in me wants to do the "right" thing and reforge for mastery and/or haste. However, just subjectively it feels wrong to simply ignore expertise. About a week ago Ghostcrawler posted an article about secondary stats, mentioning that for hit and expertise, "it's intended that they are very good up until their caps". Seems like they missed the mark for Assassination.

Reader UI of the Week: Dinte's UI {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 4:39PM Highly awesome work. I support!

Translucent raid frames with deficit-health may be unorthodox, but it has amazing utility: unobtrusive when things are good and informative when attention is needed. It's both extremely minimalist and extremely functional - something that's hard to achieve at times. The only downside I've found is that using translucent frames in fights with dense spell effects or certain environmental colors can be disorienting since it can be harder to pick out individual frames. Other than that, it's a win.

I'm a bit more conflicted when it comes to shifting things "above the trees". This works well for a healer who is primarily concerned with the raid frame box, but for a ranged dps or tank, knowing what's 40+ yards away can be pretty important too. A lot of fights revolve around quickly picking up and dealing with adds that spawn away from the center of the fight.

Since Dinte's primary role is healing, I think the UI is near-perfect for him. Flexibility is nice, but when it comes to design, the primary use case always comes first. Focusing on your purpose can really help clarify such sticky decisions.

WoW Insider's Cataclysm Launch Giveaway: GeForce GTS 450 graphics card {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 9:25AM Ah, this would make a great Christmas gift!

Reader UI of the Week: Sewell's UI {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2010 3:15PM As someone who can only draw boxes, custom artwork always impresses me. I'd like to say that I'm a strict follower of "form follows function", but there is something about fine aesthetics that makes an interface fun and enjoyable to use.

I really like the smaller target frame approach. Theoretically, you could dispense with the target frame entirely and put everything on the nameplate, but that'd be pretty radical. Sewell also found a really nice compromise between keeping all the action buttons and doing away with them entirely - 6 or 10 seems like a nice number to stick with.

I totally agree about Recount - no need for it to be visible. For people who want to keep it somewhere, you can simply attach it to a chat window tab and toggle it when you want to review the meters.

However, I don't see Omen or any other threat meter there. It may not be that important for a healer, but I would have a lot more deaths in my stats if it weren't for that addon keeping me on track =)

Cataclysm tanking changes expanded {WoW}

Oct 29th 2010 4:47PM @Alchemistmerlin

Uniqueness is fun in and of itself. Take Starcraft as an example. It made waves when it first came out because players could choose between three different factions with unique units, build styles, and play styles but in the end each was equally viable and balanced with the other. It made for huge reply value and very entertaining matchups, as each faction approached things from different angles and appealed to different players.

Most other RTS games just reskin the units between factions and call it a day. The reason? Making things unique and balanced is HARD. It's not impossible, but it seems that WoWs designers have decided that it's not worth the effort (and not worth the QQ they have to put up with when they get it wrong) to try and make things unique. Better to have things balanced and somewhat boring than radically unique and risk imbalance.

Reader UI of the Week: Scyian's UI {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 10:56AM Greetings Dahook,

The raid frames are actually created using Pitbull4. Pitbull is a lot more complicated to configure than Grid, but you can achieve some pretty cool affects with it. The alpha and border settings are available in the "layout" tab, and you can apply any given layout to any set of Pitbull frames. The only other raid frame addon that has as much flexibility (in my opinion) is oUF. oUF requires an additional layout addon and configuration is normally done through editing the .lua files.


oUF layouts:

Encrypted Text: Finding combat's missing damage {WoW}

Oct 20th 2010 5:24PM I don't mind talents that encourage going slow/slow if it meant I could use an offhand sword and do competitive damage. When I play combat, I wanna swing big flashy swords and axes, not a puny dagger.

However, I think Chase nailed the problem when he described Main Gauche as "anti-synergistic". Take a look at the Mage fire tree and marvel at how all the different talents and abilities interact and feed into each other. That sort of interplay is part of what makes optimizing your spec and gear so much fun. It's not that Main Gauche is a bad mastery, it's just that it clashes with all the other rogue talents and pulls you in a different direction rather than supporting your build. Dealing with Main Gauche is like drinking a steak-flavored milkshake. The flavors are nice, but they just don't go together at all.

Reader UI of the Week: Naovi's UI {WoW}

Oct 7th 2010 1:34AM I'll be rolling a healer in cata and I've been messing around trying to get a feel for what layout makes sense intuitively. One distressing things is that I'm so used to playing melee/tank and never taking my eyes of the center that I'm scared to look anywhere else lest I miss the fire/goo/bomb/add. One trend I've seen is for healers to put their raid frames in the center of the screen - offset just enough to see the immediate space around their character. Seems kinda obstructive, but it might help salve my anxiety.

On another note I finally got the UI that I made two weeks ago uploaded to wowInterface. Probably just in time for 4.01 to break it, heh.

Reader UI of the Week: Scyian's UI {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2010 11:51PM Thanks again for all the positive responses - it's very encouraging. This weekend I finally got some free time and figured out what I needed to do to get it uploaded to WowInterface:

Sorry it took so long. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Reader UI of the Week: Coe's UI {WoW}

Sep 28th 2010 2:46PM That's a beautiful UI Coe :).

Sometimes I wonder how much the class we play impacts our preferences in layout. I actually prefer the bottom-bar layout aesthetically since you keep all those numbers and bars from interfering with your view of the beautiful world. As a melee or tank however, heads-up type stuff is just too efficient for collecting information without having to look away. I've never played a ranged or healer class, but if I did the bottom bar might work again.

Coe's UI does solve one thing I found frustrating about bottom-bar UIs: making elements clear and discrete. Simply fitting everything together at the bottom - even if it fits well - doesn't work because all the moving and flashing effects just bleed into each other, making it hard to find the piece you need to monitor. For a color-inept person like me, the only way to keep elements discrete was by giving them distance (hence free-floating). In Coe's UI, the strong colors and solid borders allow pieces to be close together yet easily distinguishable.

Great talent!