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One Boss Leaves: Chrono-Lord Epoch stops Prince Taldaram {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 11:27AM So by the description of how the fight would go CLE is unable to kill PT but he is also able to escape whever he wants, surely this results in an effectice tie as neither is able to kill the other!

Should every class be a hybrid? {WoW}

Apr 30th 2009 3:55PM The argument that those that picked pure classes should just stop moaning that they can't multi role falls down in the sense that, those that picked the "hybrid" classes at the start of WOW knew that they themselves basically had one role they could do well and the other 1/2 were always going to be sub par i.e ret pallys and balance druids.

However now that all specs of all classes can now effectively do any given role they spec/gear for leaves the pures being left out. The amount of boomkins/ret pallys and dps dk's about is ridiculous and when u can have hald the dps of a 25man raid consisting of these classes where soes that leave the pures with nothing else they can do.

And just so it's not that im being biased towards the pures, warriors always knew they were (at the start of wow) the number one tank and if u played a warrior u were going to tank, but slowly through wow's changes comes the rise of feral tanking, pally aoe tanking and now with dk's the once mighty and always needed warrior tank is not as needed as it once was, the.

the problem is'nt with hybrids as such, but is with the amount of classes that CAN multi-role, and the only way i see it can be re-balanced "so to speak" is for pally's/druids to lose one role i.e druids do good dps as feral so they lose balance and well now that dk aoe tank is here maybe pallys could lose there tanking ability.

From my point i play a lock, now take voa, there is only 1 pve/pvp set for locks (as well as hunters/mages/rogues) but there are 2 or even 3 sets for other classes so the chance of seeing any given piece dropp for those classes is greatly reduced again purely because of the amount of hybrids in the game.