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Ensidia temporarily banned for exploits {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 10:13AM The problem is simple: Any guild that reached the lich king first would get banned since the effects of saronite bomb would affect most top guilds in the very very same way.

Explanation bellow:

Paragon scores world-first legitimate 25-man Lich King kill {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 10:08AM I agree with the people who say: If they would arrive first to boss, they would be the banned guild and another one would be the legit guild. And this questions the value of "world first" achivement. While there are conspiracy theories about "Ensidia knowing about the bug and throwing bombs to the right spot to that reason" it doesn't match verifiable facts.

I have written a reasonable explanation of events ( ) and it shows one disturbing facts: Any guild would get banned for using normal rotations and playing the game normally.

"It is the first kill, that is actually the 2nd, but not being the first made the guild able to use standard rotations without risking bans and without getting achivement removed" doesn't sound as nice as worlds first kill.

But it is a realm first, they beaten many other top guilds, so big grats to paragon too :)

Breakfast Topic: Why aren't you playing ____? {WoW}

Nov 30th 2009 8:32AM I think it is a bit complex topic. Why? Someone pointed out the fact that popularity of blood elf paladins are influenced by the fact: Only blood elves can be paladins on horde side. While Horde DK population is distributed between several races.

Now lets see another topic: The game is becoming more and more meele dominated with each and every week. Not only because meele dps can do more damage than casters, but for another very important reason: With more meele dps classes in the raid, it is more important for shamans, druids, etc. to provide a bonus for meele dps classes.

That makes: rogues, druids, dks, retri palies, dps warriors, ench. shammies popular, and that makes hunter one of the stronger pure ranged dps classes.

When they "ranged tax" and the lack of buffs are more significant than the hybrid tax, then hybrid classes with meele dps option popular.

Since shamans can fill meele dps, ranged dps and healing roles...
Paladins can fill meele dps, healing and tanking roles...
Druids can fill meele dps, ranged dps, healing and tanking roles...

And most of them are very important as support classes it isn't surprising to see them played a lot.

They seem to be very easy to level... Can say the same about dks.

But lets see something more: Draenei shamans and Blood Elf Paladins were both new at BC times and we seen lots of them in short time. People who had them at that time and hae alts now had a good chance to decide: it is time to level those characters to 80.

Why a lot of blood elves are female? Because male blood elves look ugly.

Why a lot of people play blood elves? Because it takes time to get other classes to BE starting areas, go back to other areas for their class quests, etc. and they prefer those quests. Not only because they are better, but because a lot of people moved to horde with appearance of blood elves.

Raiding experience with paladins was a good thing to offer to serious horde raiding guilds... And on servers where horde was small in number, often they were more organized than alliance, and it led to better raiding experience.

When we speak about PVP in battlegrounds, or open world pvp with groups (including raiding in other capitals) size does matter... At least if you are visible and in a crowd it is more likely to click on a big char than on a small character (partially or fully covered by bigger ones).

We can also speak about racial bonuses, looks, etc.

Martin Fury: What would you have done? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 7:47PM I think, I would check how the item came to me, and would base my decision based on that. I am 100% certain that I wouldn't give the item to someone, since it shouldn't be here for that purpose, and if someone would send a such item to me, I would probably send the item back.

BUT, if a Blizzard employee would send the item when they should give out compensation in a scenario where the loss of items wasn't my fault, but a result of bugs, or anything on their side, then I would see a nasty scenario.

Why? The item in question isn't limited to GMs, and I would have reasons to think sending it was intentional. Why? Let me share a story with you: I played a game called Dark Age of Camelot, one of EU servers had a DB crash, and we got random compensation slowly.

GMs of that game were unable to restore many items and were unable to restore them in a timely fashion. What would be the fastest way to replace items? Give out a tool that lets you farm the lost items and get them back.

What is better for everyone? Waiting for restorations and have almost no support for months, etc. Or having to see people get their gear back (what they have earned before fairly) and similar level items without putting in effort AGAIN?

This experience makes me think: if restoraions wouldn't go in reasonable time, and they woul hurt other important support duties, giving out a charged "I Win" item IS a good option.

But the item isn't designed to farm *new* progression content.

And it isn't designed to ruin the game for any other player. So no Arena, no BG, no WG, and certainly no "realm first" achivement.

Why realm first and world first is so important? Since people spent a lot of time both on ptr and live realms to have a chance to be the first, if I take away their chance, their fun, their motivation from them, ruin their game knowingly and intentionally that is bad.

If Blizzard would send you an item with written permission to use it, when you need to replace lost gear and it would be hard for them to restore it, it still doesn't give you permission to:

Send the item to someone else.
Use the item for any other purpose
To ruin the game for anyone else

I think people who sent the item to his guild master should be banned, and the guild leader should get the same treatment.

People who was on the raid and didn't know if it is bug or intentional, but benefited from it and got world first *without reporting it to any GM* should get some ban, but the duration should be fair.

People who reported it from raid: no ban.
People in the guild who wasn't on raid: no ban.

On side of Blizzard: They should post an apology. Should review the procedures or sending out items as compensation, add possible warnings, update tooltips (a warning), and if something isn't meant to be used by players make sure that players cannot use it.

If a normally GM item is designed in a way that allows players to use them under certain conditions, such conditions should be clear. Either from documentation, or of possible from item tooltips.

So they should fix the issue.

Martin Fury cheat draws Blizzard ire {WoW}

May 1st 2009 12:51PM And how would you report: "Hey GM! I asked for restored character replacement gear or a way to get it back without farming it again with all the work involved, and as a reply to the ticket I got just that. My characters restored, and several items that helps me to restore my gear easily, with little effort! Hey, I seen that since we complained about that we were unable to make progress and do upgrades since these chars were missing, and your reply to ticket solves this problem too. It makes sense to help with tools and not waste days, weeks to fine tune restoration, but I suspect that you are morons who doesn't do such logical stuff to help players, so I think it is a mistake by you asses?"

I can't wait to see such reports.

The item was charged, it was looking like a tool to fix the problem and then run out of charges.

In the game I played before wow, it was quite common to have 2 accounts and a higher level char helping your alts. I had 2 copies of wow quickly. Yet, I contacted a GM before activating it, even if I seen many people do the same. Why? Becuase no rule was about it, and it could give me an advantage. So I am quick with reporting. BUT if a GM responds to a ticket with an item that can solve a reported problem, I wouldn't question the validity of the item. I would be surprised.

Ok, I wouldn't take the item to ulduar, since it wouldn't replace my old gear but would ruin my fun with new content. But I can understand that other people are different.

Martin Fury cheat draws Blizzard ire {WoW}

May 1st 2009 12:36PM I think GMs can use such abilities, but why it isn't a GM only "spell"? The only reason that can justify a such item: because it is useful when people lose a lot of epics, and it would be hard to restore everything (say after a DB crash, or any problem) and you need an item handed out that lets people farm their epics back.

Yes: The key is: the guild got the item in a scenario where sending the item and using it would make sense with this logical purpose in mind. The key question is: Why to get several "world's first" achievements in Ulduar with this? And why to trade this item and not keep on the account that received it?

Martin Fury cheat draws Blizzard ire {WoW}

May 1st 2009 10:03AM Gothia: Let me correct you.

I think it wasn't Ghostclaw who forgot to put restrictions to the GM only items.

I think it wasn't Ghostclaw who forgot to add "for GM use only, if you found this item by accident contact a GM" to tooltip.

I think it probably wasn't Ghostclaw who designed GM powers to be used as ITEMS and not special commands, spells, talents, etc. enabled on GM characters.

I think it probably wasn't Ghostclaw who sent out the item.

I think it probably wasn't Ghostclaw who decided that people get random items instead of their old gear if something happens to a character.

I think it probably wasn't Ghostclaw who sent out the item to the player.

I think it wasn't Ghostclaw who made support very slow.

I think it wasn't Ghostclaw who is responsible for the players seeing: "I lost a lot of epics including top tier epics, we lost a lot of chances to get top tier epics, and now I got a tool that lets me to get such top tier items now without work as compensation". As you see you get top tier epics for several characters for top tier epics lost on several characters. The GM item isn't the compensation itself but a tool to get such compensation. And making the player farm the items can be seen "extra fun for the lost fun" when they laugh at the encouters and not a massive abuse.

Most people say: How bad and nasty this GM item is and they would report it if they would get it. But if you would lose epics, and would see a tool to get epics that puts you into comparable position with compensation.... then you would have every reason to believe: Blizzard sent it because they want to see you to use these tools to farm gear back (both that is lost by you, and both the stuff that lost by slow progress thanks to their slow response) and you can use it.

The moment you come to the conclusion that you should use this item to compensate for lost epics, and lost chances both for you and your guild and get epics in the most efficient and fastest way... But you say you don't want to get ahead of top guild since you didn't have first kills before... that is a different story.

Who is responsible for Blizzard policy not restoring old gear, enchants, etc. but sending out random items that makes people think, they should use it to get items back? It isn't Ghostclaw.

And I think it isn't Ghostclaw who decided tha when Blizzard messed up this badly they ban people who weren't on ulduar run but were in the raid.

I think the problem isn't that this guild is banned. The problem is: When there is a logical expalantion to treat the item as valid compensation, so it isn't a clear abuse, so even banning the involved players is fishy, banning guild members who weren't present and knew nothing, done nothing related to the incident even for a day is bad.

How would you feel if you would be banned and named publicly for something someone else did if you and your account wasn't involved?

The decision to ban wasn't made by a single person. We seen many different people responsible for this.

Ghostclaw is a blue poster, responsible for posting information about decision, not the one who makes such decisions. I think it isn't Ghostclaw who is responsible for this.

Martin Fury cheat draws Blizzard ire {WoW}

May 1st 2009 8:47AM Lets see the question from a different perspective: Someone waits for some time to get an answer from Blizzard, can't play, expects some compensation. I can't say that it is bad. I know that even if Blizzard messes up things you still don't get compensation. Once they found that payment from the card I used regularly was somehow strange (possibly updated billing system, etc) and they investigated it, account wasn't working for weeks. Sadly they forgot to refund that money, and with this they ruined the plans to give xmas presents to in game friends, to see new years eve events (when you live in a new town and no friends nearby that can be bad). I was furious. Yet they forgot to compensate. So I don't think anyone else would get compensation.

But seeing how bad Blizzard Customer Service, etc. can be, I think someone can think they *deserve* some, and when they think they deserve some huge bonus and get it quickly from a source who can send out items in a legitimate way, then why would they question the validity of the item?

They might laugh about how stupid it is, what can it do, and see that even if they try to respect others and don't clear the instance, it helps them to gear up the people who was unable to play his chars, his fellow raiders who lacked his help in instances, so some items from current top level helps to compensate for the "top level" items they haven't earned in months.

As I see: assuming that you can use the item mailed to you is a mistake that can be explained.

Is it breaks any rules? Blizzard says it isn't something you can get in a normal way. I think in game mail IS normal way. Item compensation with "random" items is pretty standard for Blizzard. Seeing unique and powerful items as compensation for big problems happened in industry, so it seems to be normal. Ok, unique tabards, shirts, pets, etc. that can show blizzard said sorry but has no other uses are better compensation, but would you expect Blizzard to know that?

Also is it against the essence of game to leave first kills to game, but use your valid items to farm gear which is a core concept of the game?

To my best knowledge, GMs can have higher level than 80, and if Blizzard wants an item to be GMs use only they can put on a level 255 requirement on it. They can require a GM class on items. A GM flag. They can make sure GM powers are GM only commands and not based on items, so most items are valid in players hands. They can review the mail they send out. GMs can pay attention to what they do and double check.

IS it in the spirit of the game that when you get something from a valid source (customer service) you have to invesitage why the item is strange?

A compensation from Blizzard is unlikely. But I think that it is even more unlikely that after problems with players on GM island Blizzard simply forgot that they should have to keep all GM only items, powers safe AND they don't check what they send out AND you get a such item by mistake.

Also: As we see from the linked blog people who weren't online at time of ulduar run, wasn't in ulduar run, probably haven't heard about the item before bans happened got bannad for doing nothing wrong.

Blizzard made many many mistakes in this incidents, including quite big problems in game design and inculuding the fact they haven't made GM tools secure after GM island incident, even if it was clearly their responsibility.

Someone as player did a mistake and from what we know it can be a honest mistake that can be explained. Yes it is bad mistake, but as you see both sides have good reasons, so it isn't a clear issue.

Blizzard and their employees don't own up for the problems they created BUT banned innocent guildies of a player who did a mistake.

Imho: Blizzard should remove the bans, remove the achivements, loots etc. earned with the problem. Apologize for the players who were unable to play even if they did nothing wrong.

Blizzard should fix all GM items, GM powers.

And if it was their fault on several account and most people who raid hard core think there is something should be done about this incident, it should be Blizzard who suffers the consequences.

People who designed item powers, who made big mistakes should be busy working on level 80 version of some old favorite raid instances.

Also there is a key question: Blizzard say actions that are against the essence of the game, abuse game mechanism in any way to get unfair advantage over others are valid reasons for a ban.

Lets think about this a bit.

When a master looter abuses the game mechanism to get unfair advantage over others by ninja looting (he has far better chances to get items this way, which is an unfair advantage. Master loot mechanism wasn't designed to help ninja looters to take advantage of a raid) should be against the essence of the game. People who do this know it is immoral, wrong, can hurt the experience of other players.

Yet if you report people who ninja loot on regular basis, exchange accounts for a few days with others, and use accounts of others to do abuse (yes, such thing happened on Arathot a few times) can stay without any ban, any warning, then it is hard to justify that in the above mistake the whole guild should be banned.

It is out of perspective.

What is a difference?

Blizzard wants the money from ninja looters and other cheaters.

But doesn't want to lose money because raiders get dissapointed by this incident and some would unsubscribe. And it is easier and cheaper to ban people from the guild who wasn't present and knew nothing than fixing the problems. Money talks.

Their investment, their game, and the fact that they did nothing wrong doesn't count.

People who support such bans should get one because they "raided with cheaters before", or "same class as cheaters" or ...

But people who want to see Blizzard fixes the problems they made and take responsibility for their action deserve a game without such incidents, and I hope they get it in wow or elsewhere.