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Martin Fury: What would you have done? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 2:16PM Frankly I think there's enough bs to go around. Karatechop claims he and his buds had no idea that this item should not have come to them. I think they'd have to be staggeringly stupid for that to be true; anyone with a modicum of common sense would think, "Huh- did the gm really mean to send me this item along with all this low-level crap?" Karatechop basically confessed his familiarity with the way GMs usually handle stolen characters- if he knew that they never gave you back all your good gear, surely he knew they never send you items that let you one-shot any mob in the game. :P

On the other hand, I think Blizz may have overreacted a bit. I'm not sure if Karatechop and his friends were seriously trying to exploit the item to get world firsts and get away with it, or if they were just having fun (which is what he says). I think they showed poor judgment, but that's ALL they showed. The item came to them through either gm error or gm corruption, and it's Blizzard's fault that they ended up with it at all.

Why should someone who displayed poor judgment in response to being given an uber item by Blizzard be punished in the same way you would punish someone who deliberately sought out or used a code bug or a hack? I have to wonder if Blizzard has punished the GM who released the item as harshly. Without knowing, I am left wondering if this is a sort of hypocrisy on Blizz's part.

For myself, if the item turned up in my box I'd have known something was weird. If chat with guildies and google searches failed to turn up an explanation, I would have filed a ticket.