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The Queue: The queue {WoW}

May 26th 2010 3:31PM I just pulled up the Blizzard WoW Launcher, and my question is, is that Azshara on the left hand side of the box over the Blizzcon banner? Do we have any proof that she will even be in this expansion? As a raid boss or npc or what? Thanks!

Guildwatch: No tabard, no loot {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 6:45PM OverKill, on Zangarmarsh (US), a new and small 10 man raiding guild, just downed Mirmiron & Vezax last week (less than 5 attempts each!) and will be attempting to down Yogg this week! After Yogg is down, we will be attempting Heroic ToGC 10 man until Icecrown Citadel drops!

Day two of BlizzCon 2009: Round-up {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 4:34PM First off, I have loved your coverage of Blizzcon '09. Many, many great articles and information that I have been craving for a while. Hopefully you can stand a bit of constructive criticism.

I'm a filmmaker and photographer and read all your class/systems/dev, etc... panel discussions. I have loved the minute by minute blog format also and I've been patiently waiting to see the panel slide photos for a while now. When you released them onto their respective places in the panel articles I was a bit disappointed. Most of the photos are out-of-focus and not framed very well, although many of the photos are very nice.

Do you ever need anyone to photograph for you? I could send you some of my work and see what you think! :D

Let me know! I work cheap also... :D

The Queue: Nice Crown! edition {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 9:28PM any new achievments on the ptr for 3.2? that might tell us a bit more about the new raids and all.... if there isn't any new achievments on the ptr, when do they usually put those in? thanks for your time!

WoW, Casually: Rating the classes for casuals {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2009 4:10PM I recommend a shaman, druid, or paladin. So many options and so little time!

WoW Moviewatch: The Peasant: Cost of Freedom {WoW}

Jun 1st 2009 12:29PM Is there much less articles per day on now? A few weeks ago it seems that I would have no trouble spending at least 30min to an hour browsing the new articles about once a day but now I only seem to spend about 10 to 15 minutes here and still need my wow fix...

Am I right about the amount of articles these days as compared to a few weeks ago? Is it because the Ulduar patch has been out for a bit and the bloggers on don't have as much to say? Or maybe its all in my head..... dun dun dunnnnnnnn....

Around Azeroth: Now I know my ABCs {WoW}

May 15th 2009 11:36AM nevermind... I found the high rez image...

Around Azeroth: Now I know my ABCs {WoW}

May 15th 2009 11:34AM any larger file size? or is there already a larger file somewhere and i can't find it? I like to see the details... thanks!

There could be up to a million Chinese gold farmers {WoW}

May 6th 2009 8:44AM I'm not in denial, but when I debate something with someone else I try to back it up with hard facts. You're giving me norhing here... Oh well.. Get back to me when you have proof, not just " a friend got his account hacked by a chinese gold farmer" . Thanks! :)

There could be up to a million Chinese gold farmers {WoW}

May 6th 2009 1:35AM I'm still waiting on concrete proof that these gold farmers get most of their money through hacking into people's accounts. I'm talking about ANYTHING concrete... Can anything be proven at all?

These arguments are all based off of people's opinions and 2nd hand information. How do you know your account wasn't hacked by some individual who wanted your gold to use in his own account?