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Breakfast Topic: What are your WoW pet peeves? {WoW}

Jan 29th 2012 10:20PM I can see thunderfury once and its ok. But then you get 20 other ppl that want to link it in succession. I report them for spam every time.

Breakfast Topic: Do you still run daily quests? {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 9:10PM YES. All 25, 7 days a week.

I've kind of gotten it down to a science. If I have a good day (most days) and don't die I make close to 450g or a little more with drops in 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Plus on a weekly basis I'm providing 3,000,000+ contribution whatevers to the guild as a whole. My current lifetime contribution is over 142,000,000.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior {WoW}

Apr 12th 2011 9:38PM @Gabrael:


I would like to see the LFD reverted to just the local server. I miss playing with ppl I know. In early Wrath ppl got to know me and actively sought me out and I them until the LFD popped. Then everyone went their merry way. Myself included. Because it was convenient and we would go when we wanted instead of having to wait for the acquaintances we had grown to trust to come on line. Now we are waiting in a different unfun and boring way.
I too would rather have the choice to go local server or battlegroup. More often than not it would be local server.


"The Exalted" title requirement change reverted {WoW}

Feb 13th 2011 9:15AM cont.... which means if my count is right there are still missing reputations If I currently only have 43.

"The Exalted" title requirement change reverted {WoW}

Feb 13th 2011 9:10AM I'm still trying to figure out what reputations they dropped. I had the title before cata dropped. I can currently only find 2: frenzyheart and wintersaber trainers. Achievements only show 43 in the armory. Minus those 2 that would be 41. Minus 5 of 6 cata; that means I only had 36; but my rep tab on the character screen shows 46 with frenzyheart as hated and I do have the mercenary achievement. That would make 47 I had before this title drop. Only cata I haven't gotten to exalted is Ramkahen. That one would make 48. So instead of only having to get 2 more to reach the new level I have to try and find 7 more to get it. Since there are currently only 6 cata exalts I can get. If mine is that much of a mess I can see how it would be hard to give the title back.

The Daily Quest: We heard you like pugs {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 11:39PM I really do love pugs. I can remember back in vanilla/bc how hard it was to get a group together for dungeons/quests/raids. A real PITA. I'd love to see cross server pugs for raids or at least local server pug tool for raids. Yes, I've had bad and good; but, for the most part I have a very positive attitude toward pugs.

Patch 3.3.5: Changes to vote kick incoming {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 1:09AM Personally I don't really understand the way tool it works. I'm geared well enuff that Icc25 could be farmable with the right pug or if I were in a full time raiding guild. With that said why have I only gotten H Oc and H Icc dungeons maybe once or twice since the tools inception.


Official: Dalaran Children's Week quests not repeatable this year {WoW}

May 4th 2010 7:50PM I haven't verified this yet but will double check this week. read the matron's statement. something about being friendly. last year and now I'm exhalted with oracles. last year I was able to get the oracle baby. I'm gonna switch factions and try getting the wolver baby this week.


[1.Local]: One does not simply walk into holiday bosses {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 6:09AM My understanding was they were going to try local server lfr before trying battlegroup wide.


Breakfast Topic: What do you do while waiting for LFG to pop? {WoW}

Jan 12th 2010 12:09AM

If I have all my dailies done I farm for herbs or fishing. Otherwise, I do a daily and queue during the travel time to turn in quest or head to the next one. I really don't have much of an issue with the LFD.

What I do have issue with is the LFR. Very few ppl use the new lfr and tend to spam trade or city lfg for pu raids . Since the new system and lfg being limited to only cities I don't get nearly as many raids as I used to. I cannot sit in any of the cities any more. After the weekly raid (if I'm really lucky); when I go to turn it in, after teleporting into Dalaran, I DC 5 or more times from the portal room to the turn in point.

Where I used to get at least on avg 1-2 raids a day; I'm lucky if I get 3 a week. Since I PUG everything this really limits me as a casual player. I used to look for raids and dungeons before the fix while doing dailies or farming. Now I have a lot of dead time trying to sit in the city DCing, relogging, requeuing lfr. Heaven forbid if I had an authenticator; 2 pw for every login when I can DC 5 times before I can run across Krauses Landing. Can't even talk in World Defense any more.

I sorry but Blizz needs to go back to a world channel for LFR. THE NEW LFR SUCKS imo.

Sorry but thats my QQ. Unless some one of you wants to buy me a new kickass system so I don't have these DC issues.