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Drama Mamas: The case of the underage scammer {WoW}

Feb 25th 2011 9:38AM Kid behaves badly, kid gets a stern lecture. That is exactly what ought to happen. Will he encounter the same thing at school? I hope so - from his teachers!

Shifting Perspectives: Do restoration druids need a cooldown? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 12:43PM Currently:
Nourish is fairly pointless, in that it heals for very little, takes as long to cast as Healing Touch, and does the same amount of healing per mana as Healing Touch.

Nature's Swiftness is also fairly useless since we no longer have a big "nuke" heal to use it with.


Change Nourish so that it has the same cast time, healing, and mana cost as the current Healing Touch.

Change Healing Touch so that it becomes a very big, very slow heal that we can macro with Nature's Swiftness, just like it used to be in WotLK.

The Daily Quest: Reflections on healing in 4.0.6 {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 11:43AM I agree, Nourish/HT spam is terrible. But with all HoTs applied and the tank's health still plummeting, what else are you going to do?

The Daily Quest: Reflections on healing in 4.0.6 {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 9:19AM I'm pretty much done with healing on my druid. I understand they wanted to make healing more difficult, and that's ok. But I was expecting it to become more difficult due to complexity (like cat DPS) rather than more difficult due to weakness of the tools we've been given. It's been pretty much reduced to building a stack of Lifebloom on the tank and then trying to stay ahead of damage by spamming Nourish/Healing Touch, and that's just not much fun.

Cataclysm hotfixes for Feb. 14 {WoW}

Feb 15th 2011 9:36AM On my server (Scarlet Crusade) I can collect two to three stacks of Twilight Jasmine in about half an hour. I wonder if there's something wrong with the spawn rate on your server or if it is just over-populated.

Cataclysm hotfixes for Feb. 14 {WoW}

Feb 15th 2011 9:32AM There's one Twilight Jasmine that spawned up in a tree on my server and it's been there for weeks. After countless attempts, I finally managed to land on the tip of a nearby branch in druid flight form and pick it.

Should anybody but me care? Probably not. But I felt a greater sense of achievement from finally picking that imaginary flower than I have all week.

The Queue: Blue {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 1:05PM Why can't I fly in Silvermoon City?

(Why did I even go there?)

Scattered Shots: What other classes should know about hunters {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 2:25PM I'd like to see Blizz just change the markers to something more meaningful.

Skull makes sense. Skull = death. The rest of them are pretty arbitrary.

Let's have markers that look like the spell icons for sheep, hex, sap, trap, fear, etc. No more arguments.

Scattered Shots: What other classes should know about hunters {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 2:17PM I'm usually happy to send a heal or two toward a Hunter's pet...

...except when it's off by itself, attacking something that ought to be left alone, and said something and its three buddies are going to come after me as soon as they finish off the pet.

Not that that EVER happens.

The OverAchiever: Guide to Love is in the Air 2011, part 2 {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 8:54PM Defeated Crown Chemical bosses, received Heart-Shaped Box, opened box, "There is no loot."