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Martin Fury: What would you have done? {WoW}

May 4th 2009 7:25AM I think this issues is the same as the old steam tonk exploit, 72 hours suspensions in worst case cause its -
A. A ingame item.
B. A item which was given by a gm to a player
C. Its the same as saying you cant use arcane blast as a mage, why? cause it kills.

Blizzard should remove items, archivements, gold and anything that they where ever in Ulduar, fire the GM or a good talk with the one who miss sent it to a "normal" player.

Lastly a mail to each of the players that were inthe raid saying : first warning, next time its a ban.

EULA or TOS says no exploiting of the game, well this is like using the spell blizzard gave you and ban you for using it!
Cause this item was given to a player, maybe by mistake, but its still in the hands of a player, so he is free to use it, blizzard can just rollback what they did if they find it wrong, which i dont in any way find wrong at all.