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The Queue: Does that movie even exist? Because it should. {WoW}

Jun 21st 2011 12:04PM Except, you know, the official preview said they're BoA. Little things.

As for the question of cross faction, it would seem unlikely, given the fact that the mounts are faction specific like they are. If anything, I'd wager that they'll have a race requirement on them, not unlike the motorcycles.

The Queue: Lazy Adam {WoW}

Apr 28th 2011 12:32PM Afraid not, which is a shame, really. Was a great little thing they had going there.

Random triva fact: Jerry Trainor AKA Goggins the shaman, now has a starring role on nickelodeon's iCarly.

Same-faction battlegrounds to be available for testing on the PTR {WoW}

Apr 1st 2011 12:18AM This is probably real. If it had just been "Same faction BGs" I would be suspect, but because it is RATED BGs, which were ment from the start to be an alternative to Arena (which also have same faction battles), I see no reason to call APRIL FOOLS LOL on this one.

Officers' Quarters: A RIFT in leadership {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 11:28AM Christ Bossy.

"I really like Cake"
"Ever try Pie? It's pretty good!"

Officers' Quarters: A RIFT in leadership {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 10:58AM What will happen when the "new" wears off? People will go back to WoW. But not for the reasons anyone here are implying.

What will happen is one of two things: One, People will start to miss thier WoW characters. Not the game itself, mind you, but their time invested therein. Nothing inheriently wrong here, but what's important to note is that THEY ARE NOT QUITTING BECAUSE THE GAME IS BAD.

Two: People who ARE enjoying RIFT and not mising thier WoW characters will be pulled back in as their friends, who fall into group one, migrate back to WoW, because, really, who wants to be the last person at the table?

It's a problem with the mindframe of most MMO gamers today. People hold and cling to WoW (social factors aside for now) largely because of the time investment involved. And while on one hand I can understand this, when put into perspective with other games, it seems pretty strange. I mean, at the end of the day, it's still a game. Weither you have a record showing you killed 500 internet dragons or no one kept count, at the end of the day it's all fairly redundent. I could get into the whole "journy vs destination" argument, but, eh, I think most people get the idea.

Now, the social aspect is a bit harder to handle. Because it involves taking fundemental ideas of changing your way of viewing the MMO world and applying it to X number of people. So, there are 2 ways to handle this. 1) Successfully convince your friends, using your stories and experiences with the new game (this really applys to all new MMOs, not just RIFT), to join you, or 2) MAKE NEW FRIENDS. People do it all the time. You can to.

I think the overarcing message of this Wall of Text is simply:
TL;DR, Change is hard, but sometimes it can be for the best.

Tuesday Morning Post: Daniel mostly talks about patch 4.0.6 and maybe a little bit of RIFT {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 12:54PM Sigh.

While I suppose I can ALMOST understand the "this is a WoW site" argument, it's this general attitude that really worries me.

I only started playing RIFT the day before the most recent round of beta testing closed, and I have spent several hours on WoW since then just kind of going through the motions, killing time until the 15th, when I can play again.

Here's the thing: RIFT is fun. Now, please try to understand: the statement "RIFT is fun" does not somehow equate to "WoW is no longer fun". Now, I did my share of raging and bashing when Aion was "the next big thing". Everyone who wanted to play it was dumb and there was no way it could beat WoW. And before I played RIFT, I was ready to feel the same way.

Here's the punch line: Even though I like it, and plan on playing it, I still see it eventually failing.

And this really saddens me. WoW has such a stranglehold on the MMO space that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a new MMO to pop up and really thrive. I know this will be met with a lot of "But WoW is better", but the thing is, it's only better in some areas. There is alot of room for improvement and change. Using RIFT as an example, the Class system is one of the most fun things I've seen in a game in a long time, and it stands in stark contrast to WoW's Uber-linear Talent design.

I wasnt planning on playing it, even though I really wanted to, just because I knew it would fail. But then I realized: If I'm not willing to play for that reason, then I'm sure plenty of others arent playing for the same reasons. THIS IS WHY MMO'S FAIL. An unwillingness of the WoW playerbase to take a chance. To let go. If it doesn't work out, WoW will take you back. Worried about losing contact with your WoW friends when getting into not just RIFT, but any new MMO? Point them in the direction of the Beta/trial/whatever. The more people a new MMO gets, the more money being pumped into the other game.

I'm gonna cut this short, as it has grown into a much larger wall of text than I thought it would. In short: It's ok to try new things. Sure, RIFT my seem like a "WoW Clone", but, really, what was WoW when it came out?

The Queue: Azeroth goes boom {WoW}

Nov 16th 2010 4:33PM In an attempt to avoid the obvious "rogue" answer:

Clearly, he is a priest.
A priest who briefly spec'd shadow,
But ultimately decided it wasnt for him and returned to the light.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 12:56PM You stated your opinion.
I, in turn, stated mine.
No need to turn all jerky over it.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 11:57AM You know, this reminds me of something I read once (somewhat NSFW)
The 4th example.

It's really a problem with the medium. A Writer/ Artist can only do so much in a given week, and, really, who wold want a comic, or any kind of entertainment experience that is A GIANT WALL OF EXPOSITION?

The fact is: Building a story takes time. IF you have a problem with this, come back however many months from now when the comic is finished and read it then. Don't complain about an attempt at REAL storytelling.


Cataclysm Preview: The Battle for Gilneas {WoW}

Sep 16th 2010 6:19PM The whole "mistaken gender" thing is something near to (cutaia)'s heart.