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Blood Pact: Affliction 101, Page 2 {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 2:20PM Story Part 1:
I leveled demonology, flirted with affliction at 80 until I got into raids and was told lern2destro noob. So... I went destro. Then I got some nice gear...

Story Part 2:
Random Dungeons are Random. So I am pumping sick dmg, way more than is needed for a heroic as destro, so I dual spec into affliction. Now, I am doing all my heroics as affliction - and it didnt matter cause high damage is high.

Story Part 3:
Rotation in place, finding little difference between affliction and destro while rading - yet affliction is a lot more fun... and mobile! And who doesn't love seeing the damage tick on a submerged worm, or on a submerged anub? Have to go kill adds? OK, no problem. Let me refresh my unstable affliction real quick on the boss... Its like candy.

Story Summary:
Once you have the gear to back it up, affliction is very fun - and versatile. VERY useful for these gimmick fights in ToC and ICC. You spend most of your time running, getting away from something on the ground or some add or another - which is downtime for pew pew. I grin when that happens while I watch dots tick damage.
Personally, I prefer the Black Magic on my 1 hander - it procs all the time, and does increase dmg well. I also use a speed potion just before pull and at either heroism or execute phase.
Despite the stats, as an affliction lock don't pass on the Nibelung. I did and regret it very badly. If you do get it, use the staff spellpower enchant on it - its worth more than the black magic for the higher amount of SP you get. I have yet to see it drop again :-(

Tanking hotfixes being implemented {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 8:52AM I would like to recommend that they reconsider their move to homogenize gear.

The 8% stamina scaling issue would not be an issue with paladins if they could only wear tier gear that had the word "Paladin" in the tooltip. The problem came from the budget of stamina and the way it scaled with the flat percentage increase. Basically, they could have stealth nerfed the actual gear before it even hit the shelves...

The downside of course is that would make this talent point manditory... though, in reality I know it already is.

I believe that you will find similar issues in the expansion when certain professions gain the ability to re-allocate stats on gear.

Breakfast Topic: Presenting the ever-accessible auction house! {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 8:33AM Yeah, I'd probably buy it. I can't log into wow from work, even on my lunch hour on my own laptop... Yeah I was talked to for doing it from the lunchroom during lunchtime...

Anyhow, I can visit websites. If during lunch I can pop in and flip a few auctions, I will have a bit more gold for the weekend GDKP runs into ToC and ICC.

Actually, I have wanted a good way to access things like this for a long time. I once used a gotomypc-type program to access the game through my smartphone...

Eh whatever, its a flavor thing.

Almost forgot to add something to ensure downrating and groaning.
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx

Blizzard launches Facebook Armory app {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2010 10:57AM Yes, this is also my response to all those wonderful Farmville updates. Help me raise my barn! Become a fan of "Barn raising bug, 5 horses, 2 cows and a pig for free".

Ugh. That is NOT what I am on facebook for.

But heh, now turnabout is fair play... and maybe I will get someone on refer-a-friend lol.

Official Patch 3.3.2 patch notes {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2010 7:22AM So I thought season 8 couldn't start without the resilience change. The resilience change is a big enough deal that it *should* be on the patch notes... but it is very much MISSING! Did I not get the memo?

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day three loot code giveaway {WoW}

Dec 31st 2009 1:06PM /roll

I always did want one of these.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day four {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 10:19AM /roll

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 10:12AM /roll