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Spiritual Guidance: Dinosaur Pirate Explosion Carnival (or, why Shadow Orbs is lame) {WoW}

Sep 8th 2010 7:09PM Paladins need to know how much holy power they have. From what mr. fox says you never even notice the shadow orbs, so why bother making a new UI suite for you to ignore?

Breakfast Topic: Are achievements putting too much pressure on players? {WoW}

May 5th 2009 9:12AM Keep in mind you have over a month to cool your holiday achievement worries before Midsummer Fire Festival comes rolling around. Yes, it is a large holiday, but you get two weeks to complete it all in. It's merely the back-to-back Noblegarden and Children's Week that's got you (and many of us) down.

As far as the BG achievement goes, Blizz was just attempting to broaden peoples horizons with the game and not focus on one aspect, you may have noticed the BGers also had to group up and go Utgarde Pinnacle if they wanted their Patron title.