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Pandaren lore and what we know so far {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 10:42AM I was wondering what you thought about this, good sir?

I know that it's feasible that the Pandaren met the Tauren and the Night Elves prior to the Sundering, but do we know anything about this race of Tauren relatives that seem to live on Pandaria? How did they get there? While I know the ancillary stuff isn't cannon, is there anything about these guys anywhere else? I'm really curious about these yak-like Tauren.

The Queue: The luckiest guy in the world {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 6:52PM Here's an odd question for the Queue. I'm in the process of getting a new computer -- a nice little powerhouse. Consiquently, I'm looking at the 64 bit client. But I'm an addon fiend and the idea of losing all my addon settings makes me more than a little ill. So... will I be able to copy my WTF/Interface folders over to the 64 bit client from my 32 bit client or will I have to manually put everything back where it's meant to be?

Blizzard opposes Valve's DOTA trademark application {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 1:44PM Proclaims itself to be a direct sequel to, not equal. My typing is abysmal today.

Blizzard opposes Valve's DOTA trademark application {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 1:43PM So, I'm curious -- DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients.

The Ancients in character and concept, which would be the sense by which the original name of the DOTA game derived from, are the intellectual property of Blizzard aren't they?

Isn't there some kind of intellectual infringement in play when another game from a competing company uses the term DOTA in it's name and proclaims itself to be a direct equal to the Warcraft III mod?

The name "DOTA" itself speaks of it's Warcraft III and Blizzard origins. And I don't really see how the defense "Well, this is DOTA 2 and not 'Defense of the Ancients 2'" can stand up when they are so aggressively talking about how they have a DOTA creator on staff, saying again and again that this is a genuine sequel and so on.

I've heard this naming debate come up again and again but that little bit of it always struck me as odd.

The Queue: Dwarves, the answer to everything {WoW}

Jan 17th 2012 7:38PM Question for the Queue: Are you guys as disappointed as I am that we haven't seen any more Dev Live Chats like those that came in the few weeks following Blizzcon? What happened to those? I thought we were supposed to start seeing those on a semi-regular basis on a variety of issues. I thought they were great and I'm frustrated that we only got the couple before they quietly ceased to be.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Landro's Lil' XT loot codes {WoW}

Dec 15th 2011 9:31AM Merry Winter's Veil!

Enter to win a World of Warcraft iPhone clip case {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 3:02PM FOR THE HORDE!

The Queue: Kettlebells and personal hells {WoW}

Jun 8th 2011 12:11PM @Mat:

Good on ya, man! Getting back in to the exercise habit is hard. Believe me, I know! I've been trying to get back in to my walking routine, but even that has been met with moderate success. Keep at it, brother.

The Queue: The land of the ice and snow {WoW}

Jun 5th 2011 1:14PM @Sacco;

RE: "They're a joke race. That's not an opinion; it's a fact."

I take exception with that. That absolutely is not a fact; that absolutely is an opinion. Your opinion. One upon which myself and thousands, if not millions, of others disagree with you.

One's origins do not dictate one's existence nor future. Added to the truth that what defines a joke is, like what defines poetry, a matter of perspective, and that takes it further in to the field of opinion. A joke to one may well be a reality to another; at what one person laughs, another may be emotionally scarred and another still may crave.

What may have begun as a laugh one March morning while looking ahead to the new month has become something both strongly desired by a large portion of the player base and has born strong canonical evidence in the Warcraft universe.

Similarly, your dislike of the Worgen female model your opinion. And one that I and thousands, if not millions, of others fail to share with you. Using it to as a crutch to validate your "fact" about the Pandaren is inherently fallacious. It does not serve an appropriate nor particularly study measure of anything beyond -- your opinion.

Opinions to which you are certainly entitled. And I do comprehend the editorial nature of WoW Insider. It's news and views. I get that. But don't bill the views as unmitigated truth. Words have meanings for a reason.