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The Queue: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 4:58PM PAX East meetup info?

Mists of Pandaria Beta: Where to find wild pets in the Eastern Kingdoms {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 7:41PM You know the critters with weapons in Mulgore? Will they be able to be caught and used and will their weapons/armor still be applicable? That would be very cool.

The Queue: Come to me, Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 1:39PM so...PAX East plans? where's the party and whatnot?

Mists of Pandaria Beta: Challenge Mode armor sets revealed {WoW}

Mar 24th 2012 12:56AM Why does DK armor always look so bad compared to everyone else? Pally, priest, hunter, and rogue routinely get the best looking armor and we get stupid skull-armor every time. Please, Blizz, do something different for MoP!!! No skulls!!

The OverAchiever: Got 100,000+ gold handy? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 9:27AM Hey Allison

Hyacinth Macaw cost about 10k on Area 52 and Stormrage. I bought mine for 8k!!

The Queue: I would not hire Tails {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 12:52PM Similar question to one answered today

I may go to S. Korea and teach english there for a year. Should i server transfer to a South Korean/Australian server or will the South Korean server be in Korean and will the Australian one work for me?


The Queue: The luckiest guy in the world {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 5:47PM question for the queue.....

why don't skeletal drakes/dragons that are now free of the LK influence go back to their respective flights? even undead humans formed a society and faction after they were free. why don't the dragons who are even more intelligent and powerful either go back or form their own faction? the blue flight would regain a lot of former members

The Queue: The luckiest guy in the world {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 3:05PM can someone please link the spectral flyer mounts he mentioned? i don't remember which those were. thanks

Ol' Grumpy and the crushing disappointment of roles {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 2:05PM This article was inherently whiny. You don't like range? don't play range. you don't like 1h weapons? play a Warrior or DK. And then shut up. Who the hell pressures you into playing a different spec? Not most people. Shut up and play what you want.