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Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 1:07PM The thing is, while it is being called Farmville by players now, I donĀ“t think it is like Farmville at all. I think it will almost exactly be like Molten Front dailies. You will do daily quests, the terrain will change slightly and you will get rewards.

Farmville was your little guy walking along big patches of dirt, clicking every one, then going back to every piece of dirt (500ish) and clicking every one again.. It also involved a lot of collecting items from your friends et.

Imagine if every day you completed a quest, instead of giving you a token (like MF) instead it gave you 5 herbs. I think it will really be quest related rather than a new mini-game.

MMO Roundup: Last week on Massively {WoW}

Nov 9th 2010 3:47PM I doubt the new star wars game will be profitable.

The first star wars game fell apart quickly. Titles with huge IPs like Warhammer, AOC and Star Trek have also fallen apart quickly. AOC only cost 40M to make, and they ended up writing off a loss of 25M. Star Wars is costing over 100M to make. (remember, box sales mean very little since about 80% of the sale prices goes to other people, not the developers).

Star Wars is a great IP. Bioware is a great RPG maker. Unfortunately, they are now owned by EA, the same company that pushed in incompetent people to lead Warhammer and they have done the same thing with Star Wars. Many of the decision makers are now Bioware people.

I'd bet on this loudmouth, Star Wars will get alot of initial sales because of the IP, Bioware and just hype. But the gameplay looks lackluster and dull and will bore most current MMORPG players. AOC sold 1 million boxes and still lost 25 of 40 million... do the math to see how many boxes they will have to sell to recoup the 100M+ they spent on star wars.

Cataclysm Beta: Mining and herbalism give experience {WoW}

Sep 14th 2010 12:26PM I think people are getting a little overexcited about this. Yes, it will be nice while leveling to get a little extra exp.. but in reality, there really is no way you could level doing this. It would literally take 100's of flowers to get one level... and respawn rates just are too random and spread out to make that a reasonable way to level. It would be more difficult then just finding a fast spawning mob (like the rhinos in southern borean tundra) and mindlessly camp than for hours.

The only thing this is going to do is if you are questing, and you see a node, you will now be more tempted to kill the mob next to it in order to grab it.

It takes 15 seconds to kill a green mob in a high spawn area. It will take much much longer to be able to 'chain pick' nodes.

Spiritual Guidance: Dinosaur Pirate Explosion Carnival (or, why Shadow Orbs is lame) {WoW}

Sep 8th 2010 9:11PM I think Blizzard has missed on both the new talent trees AND most masteries.

They are all just boring, basically mindless dps increases that mostly just force you to use the rotation that Blizzard wants you to use. " In case it isn't terribly obvious, we WANT you to use mindblast".

They are basically picking our talent points for us, now they are making it nearly impossible to use the 'wrong' rotation.

One good thing I can say about the shadow orbs, at least they are used while leveling. My moonkin has yet to see an 'eclipse' while questing 80-85.

MMO Roundup: Last week on Massively {WoW}

Aug 25th 2010 1:49PM The smallwood case might have merit. You have to remember what it was about the tobacco cases that caused all the lawsuits to suddenly start 'winning'. Research. Simply put, NEVER do research if you don't want to really know the answer.

If it is shown that NCsoft did research, or studied research, that showed what parts of a game make you addicted, and then purposefully added those parts to their game, then this kid will win the lawsuit.

Tobacco companies didn't lose the lawsuits because smoking is unhealthy for you. They didn't lose the lawsuits because smoking is addicting. They lost the lawsuit because they did RESEARCH that told them that smoking was addicting and dangerous, and then ignored that research.

my guess is they will settle the case, he'll get a free lifetime subscription as a settlement.

Officers' Quarters: March of the freeloaders {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2010 2:09PM I really don't see the negatives of allowing leeches into the guild. You can easily restrict your guildbank, so the only thing you have to worry about is the player doing something terrible in groups that brings shame to your guild.

In even mid-size guilds, the way things look now, even solo players will be adding to the guild's leveling speed. The 'cap' is so high that only really huge guilds will have some players contributions not count.

1. Invite the solo player (leeches).
2. Set your guildbank appropriately
3. Let the player know that they get guild perks, and the only thing you ask is they don't cause drama while in outside groups that could harm your guilds reputation.

It's really a no lose situation for everyone.

The Art of War(craft): Tol Barad field report from the beta {WoW}

Aug 19th 2010 4:54PM It looks like it will mostly turn into WG2.

Attackers start at the bottom, they destroy the southern tower ( which adds more time) fairly quickly. If they split evenly, they should also be able to capture the two southern buildings.

Seems to me, it will be just like WG, where after 10 minutes, everyone is focused around that northern building and a small force(from attackers) is kept south to defend the two other buildings (similar to how we should defend the southern towers).

The early fighting will happen on those 3 bridges and north of the swamp, but once the two northern towers are destroyed, the defends will be forced to turtle the last building (similar to the courtyard now).

I think what they are going for is something similar to AB where the action can occur at any of the 3 buildings (5 in ab).. but I think the attackers have too much of an advantage with 2 of the 3 buildings and there are a LOT more people playing WG than there is in an AB.. it's much easier to keep defenders behind when there are a 100 of you. In AB, 'rear' resources are often left unguarded in Pugs just because of lack of communication, so it's easy for the other team to pick one off now and then. This won't happen with 100 players.

Spiritual Guidance: In defense (or condemnation) of Dispersion {WoW}

Aug 18th 2010 9:25PM I'm going to make some points

1. Is dispersion useful on some raid and dungeon fights? Yes And it will be more so when mana becomes a bigger issue in Cata.

2. Is dispersion useful while leveling? Yes Again, every third pull you can dot them up and disperse. Gives you mana, and you can even loot while dispersed

3. Is dispersion useful in pvp? heck yeah

4. Is our DPS competitive? Yes, all the way through this expansion we were fine

5. Is our DPS rotation interesting? Yes, just as interesting as most dps casters

So why change it? The only real argument to change it is that it is not a flat-dps increase. But if we got a new talent at 31 that gave a big dps increase like titan's grip, then we'd be nerfed somewhere else. We also have a fairly full toolbar, so adding another spell would just knock something else off.

Shifting Perspectives: A limited number of people, part 2 {WoW}

Aug 17th 2010 10:40PM I read a post from GC, and like Heilig said, haste will in fact reduce the duration until a point where you earn that extra tick and then the duration goes back to full. HOTS are different than DOTs... Haste on DOTS do not reduce the duration at all because it would mess up too many rotations.

One thing to remember, a lot of tanks right now have broken mechanisms too (pally tanks especially) on beta. I wouldn't necessarily say they are pushing random buttons to see what happens, I think it's more like they are pushing buttons and half the time, nothing happens :)

I really enjoyed your article, even though I think we have different opinions. I actually enjoy the 'very large tank that we are filling with a spoon'... especially in regards to the health pools of DPS. The thing I hate most about live is a DPS dying in less than 2 GCDs. I think healing is going to go more in lines with preparation and strategy rather than quick reaction time.

Private server company forced to pay Blizzard $88 million {WoW}

Aug 14th 2010 8:14PM but what you are failing to mention is that 'before she dies'.. Blizzard can take a sheriff to her house and clean out everything she owns and sell it at a county auction... not only that, when she does die, nothing will be passed down to the kid.

Yes, the kid doesn't take on the debt, but Blizzard gets any inheritance :)