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Read excerpts from the winners of Blizzard's writing contest {WoW}

Jun 7th 2009 3:02AM "show, don't tell" is the first thing anyone learns in creative writing.

unfortunately, i'm pretty sure that most of the entries to the challenge were drenched in unnecessary descriptions, mired in trivial addendums, and filled with lengthy, overwrought, even grandiose paragraphs that spat in the face of literary tradition, as if to say, "I am lightning! I am a lion!"

these smallest of personal tragedies are as an unsightly blemish upon a darkened face - to the writer - but when the reader turns his eye to the page, as the sun appearing from behind a chiaroscuro of cloud, the face is disfigured! dismembered! murdered one thousand times, for every adverb casting a dark shadow over the rest of the page.

in this way, any moment of divine truth that affixes the mind with a sudden wonder, as a ray of sun on a single particle of dust, is gone. any beautiful, lyrical flow of words is gone. any resemblance of beauty in the face has now been struck - and now, as the reader turns his head, the church bell begins to toll, a baby cries, and all the world cries out, anguished, "THIS READS LIKE SHIT!"

The Martin Fury scandal: Karatechop reveals all {WoW}

May 6th 2009 7:39PM this looks to me like someone at blizzard, bored with their job of restoring lost characters, thought it'd be really funny to give someone a martin fury. martin fury is given, player does what anyone would do (use it), and then is promptly banned.

it's pretty clear that he, like many others, didn't see anything wrong with using an item he was sent - by the infallible blizzard you're all so quick to defend.

the people who are whipping themselves into a fever pitch shouting "YOU BROKE THE EULA" are so deep in blizzard's asshole that they can see out the mouth. if anything, this was blizzard's fault, not the player's. don't give someone an item that would supercede all items before.

if you were sent a real-life GOD MODE button in the mail, would you return it to sender or would you start kicking ass at life, knowing that your retribution was soon on the way and someone in the sky was toying with you?