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All the World's A Stage: Plot points for Dwarven roleplayers {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 3:52AM Baldagrim Strongarm walked deep into the heart of Old Ironforge. The Guards who stood at their posts recognized him and gave a salute, which the veteran warrior waved them down. He knew where he needed to be and his feet remember the journey well as he had visited many times before in the past. There stood the diamond petrified form of King Magni Bronzebeard froze in a posture of both strength and pain. He looked around to see the many books of research still laid on the shelves, the astroglobe on the table in the corner, the largest book he'd ever seen alongside the back wall and the circles of runes that surrounded the frozen king.

"Magni..." The only word he uttered as he closed his eyes, remembering that day.

"My King, please listen. Even with all the research you've done. We are still no closer to ensure this will help save the kingdom, let alone the world."

"I understand, Baldagrim. However, the earthquakes are intensifying and I refuse to standby and let my people suffer due to inaction, even if King Varian decides to see how events will unfold."

"Then at least have a few shamans help. You've been adamant about doing all this...this...research on your own." Baldagrim gestured to the books around them.

The King laughed in a manner befitting a jest, "You are worrying about me in a time like this? Usually, it is the other way around with me worrying about our futures. I know you are an adventurer worthy of great merit, but the time has come for me to act."

"But, the Tablet of Earth...even you said, you didn't understand some of that which was written. How can you decide to..." He was silenced as the King raised his hand.

"I truly understand your concern, but the freedom and safety of all sometimes requires us to make sacrifices and take impossible risks. I'll be fine, friend. You'll see. This time tomorrow we'll be sharing a drink at the Stonefire Tavern tomorrow."

Baldagrim tried one last measure of persuasion, "I know I have no knowledge of magic or the elements. I'm just a warrior. People stand behind my shield as I hit things. But you and I are alike in that matter. To go through with this without the aid of others is just completely mad. Even you have to see this."

Magni stood in the center of the rune circles, "Tell you what. If I'm right, you buy the first round and if I'm wrong, I'll buy the first round. How about that, Baldagrim?"

The rest was history. Baldagrim was brought back to the present as he remembered witnessing the spell turning Magni into what he is today. Then, the veteran warrior chuckled for he was reminded of the simplest fact of Magni's nature...he has yet to buy him that first round.

Walking up to Magni's frozen form. He patted him on the shoulder with a smile, doing the best to hold back tears.

"One day, Friend. One day..."

The Queue: And from darkness, a hero arises {WoW}

Aug 1st 2011 2:26AM About the dragons, don't forget the netherdragon in netherwing ledge. He was undercover as a goblin.

About the Dwarf Paladin Mounts, I'm not just saying this because my main is a dwarf. But if Humans have their own mounts, Draenei have their own mounts, Blood Elves have their own mounts, and Tauren have their own mounts, then it is sort of a jip that Dwarves don't have their own mounts. And from a lore standpoint it is valid because Ironforge Dwarves have been using rams since time immemorial as their riding mounts, so...yeah, they should have their own pallie mounts too.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite in-game toy? {WoW}

Aug 1st 2011 2:17AM Though I have lots of these fun items, hands down it has to be my Vrykul Drinking Horn. I love using it while in raid to make it easier for healers to see me and plus, you get Dwarf + Beer = It's Bound to Happen.

The only other item, though it is not an item, it is a pet. I love the Lashtail Hatchling because it has a quest chain attached to it, giving more of an emotional bond than just I buy the pet and here we go. Plus you get her permanently after slaying Broodlord Mandokir if you did the chain to it's entirety, giving you more of a story continuity with your character. I hope they do more quest chains like this for it was a lot of fun.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite guild achievement? {WoW}

Jul 16th 2011 3:53PM My favorite achievement is easily Loremaster. I got other hard-to-get ones like The Exalted and 100+ Mounts, but Loremaster was the only one where I truly felt a sense of pride when it was finished. I thanked Lord Hydraxis for being my last and never looked back...until I decide to do all the retro questing achievements. *I shake my fist* curse you, Blizz! lol

Breakfast Topic: The perfect item {WoW}

Jun 16th 2011 8:42PM I got two perfect items: The Wall of Terror and Aldori Legacy Defender.

The Wall of Terror was from our first 25-man KT kill and we had three tanks in the group: A DK, Pallie, and me the Prot Warrior. We all rolled Need: DK got a 56, Pallie got 58, and I got a 59.

I loved that shield throughout all of Wrath, even after I upgraded in ToC. Still in my bank to this day as I'm typing this.

The Aldori I got and sold after upgrading in Wrath, but I felt bad because it was a kick-@$$ looking shield and besides, I was exalted with the Aldor. I got it a few days later in another Grull run. That's 2 for 2. Also still in my bank.

The Queue: I'll see your Deathwing, and raise you a **distracted by puppies** {WoW}

Jun 16th 2011 8:34PM 1) Congrats on being 21 for a couple days now, but if need to ask strangers for beer advice, then someone didn't talk to you about alcohol at all.

2) Why would you want a Third Faction? The Game is pain enough with the two we got now.

3) Though I like the idea of a prefix and a suffix title along with a last name, but mine would be, "Loremaster Baldagrim Strongarm the Exalted". If I'm running down the sacred halls of Ironforge and Night Elves get too close to me, I'd knock them to the ground with my title bar alone. and that wouldn't be fun for anyone.

The OverAchiever: Mountain O' Mounts from professions {WoW}

Jun 5th 2011 11:20PM Yeah, I wish I could share your pain about the Sea Turtle, but my mad luck is mad for a reason. Either I'm completely lucky or completely unlucky. The day I got it was when I decided I wasn't going to stop at nothing until I got the Sea Turtle mount. Sholazar Basin, South River all the way at the end. Fished it out the third cast from my first pool.

If it makes you feel any better it took me 11 straight H UP Runs to get the tanking sword and 11 ICC Runs to get Neverending Winter.

Cataclysm Post-Mortem: Hyjal {WoW}

Jun 5th 2011 11:09PM When I was leveling to 85, I just did Vashj'ir because I promised myself I'd wouldn't jump into Hyjal right away. If I did, then I never would have done Vashj'ir.

First off, I typed in guild chat that my character loved being back on land after spending what would have been several days underwater, which made everyone laugh. But it took me a while to get into the story as the cultist forces were already at Nordrassil and we were fighting an uphill battle to secure the World Tree.

It took me 7 hours to blaze through Hyjal to its completion(the same with Vashj'ir) and I loved the story. Especially the return of Jarod Shadowsong, who my family liked after reading the War of the Ancients and helping him was really cool.

Though I loved most of the questing despite it being near launch day, the only beef I had with it was the fact you could only get one of the two jouster pets. I'm kinda hoping with patch 4.2 that you get a rare daily that allows you to get the other pet even if you had to do something like the Rock Lover Achievement, but not holding my breath on that one.

The biggest problem I had with the story was resurrecting the Ancients. They've been dead for thousands of years(and a few years for Cenarius), but with a couple of quest chains, you can bring them back to life. Wait! If it was this easy why were they not resurrected thousands of years ago? They'd been a great help in the Third War. I'm just saying.

But all-in-all, It was a great story and I can't wait to do the 4.2 dailies for they sound like a lot of fun and watching Hyjal being fully healed is also cool for it feels like we actually have an impact on the world. Not to mention taking Fandral Staghelm's head...I wanted to slay him since I first met him in Old World for the first time and now I can. :)

The Queue: Hu-Man dwarf haters club {WoW}

Apr 21st 2011 7:56PM First off, you can't blame the entire dwarven race to what Brann has done. Okay, he released an Old God or two, but he did so unintentionally and unknowingly. He never went, "I'm going to f**k up Azeroth this morning." and released them. If you read the story, they were killed...better dead than to have Old Gods sealed to bring disaster later on. Oh yeah, Humans invented the first plague by the way.

Second, better being a prideful dwarf than an apathetic human. If the Defias had sprung up in dwarven lands, they wouldn't have gone, "Oh well, let the ineffective guards handle this until adventurers come and ultimately take care of the problem." No, they would have killed all of them and if not, they'd have pushed them back and contained them like they did with the Troggs and Leper Gnomes. Meanwhile the Defias are running rampant around Westfall and killing countless innocents.

Third, Humanity telling dwarves what to do? That makes me laugh. Grim batol is the only dwarven city to fall to enemy forces. Let's see...Stormwind got boned in the First War and a riot killed a lot of their citizenry when Varian took the throne. The Capital of Lordaeron was taken by the Scourge and now is Undercitym not to mention Lordaeron becoming the Plaguelands. Alterac has fallen to the Ogres, Stromgarde is at war with ogres and the syndicate. Gilneas has turned Worgen and is occupied by the Forsaken. Theramore was taken and released by Thrall's Horde. With human lands dying and dwarven lands still standing strong, why are there still more humans than dwarves? Humans should be an endangered species on Azeroth by now.

Fourth, Varian abandoned Dalaran to Yogg'saron, great example of humans caring for the Alliance there. Dwarves would have rushed in, shoulder-to-shoulder, to stop the Death God if they were in control of the Alliance because Dwarves have a sense of pride and honor that Humans never possessed. Need Proof? List the number of Human traitors to Dwarven traitors and you'll be amazed how long the Human list is over the Dwarven list. If it wasn't for the "foolish dwarven pride", the Lich King wouldn't have been stopped. Do you think Humans created the Skybreaker? I don't think so. And who captained the Skybreaker during the Gunship Battle? Oh, Muradin did. Where was Varian? Standing by the entrance saying, "Do a good job out there! Squire, where's my latte?"

If you read the entirety of this tirade, then I thank you and hope you found this well-founded with evidence supporting this. I did try my best to make this with the least amount of opinion possible. And Alex, I got my eye on you, boy.

Breakfast Topic: Design yourself as a raid boss {WoW}

Apr 5th 2011 6:17PM Raid Intro Trailer:
"The World has pained us. The World has forgotten about us. Now that the World has been so righteously sundered. Now my Brothers and Sisters, now is that time to act."

The scene opens up as guards at Wintergarde Keep enjoy their morning ale and the Earth begins to shake. They look around to see why until they notice something that is in plain sight that begins to move.

"Im...Impossible! Naxxramas is...moving."

The narrator says, "The abandoned fortress of the Scourge shall be the sword to which I strike the heart of this world."

In Stormwind, A messenger arrives in the royal castle. King Varian surrounds a table with his generals as they discuss battle plans, they look up to notice the new man entering the room. He simply nods to the messenger who nods in reply and opens up his scroll.

"Sir, our scouts in Wintergarde report that Naxxramas thought to be abandoned has begun to move."

The generals whispered in hastened tones, "What?" "But the Lich King is dead!" "Who could control that place?"

Varian shouts, "Horde! They've really done it this time."

"But sir, Naxxramas is moving far south. It is not going to any Horde city."

The narrator, "As the pathetic war for dominance rages on, We will be unnoticed as to our plans until the final hour arrives."

"Where is it headed?"

The messenger gulps as Varian grows even more grim. Meanwhile at a stormy rock, Thrall feels the Earth shake as he tends to mend the wound left by Deathwing. He looks up as Naxxramas flies overhead and settles right over the heart of the Maelstrom.

Narrator, "Here is where I will gather the unleashed elemental energies and destroy all who have wronged us. Not even Deathwing shall stand before us once I have transcended. Join us now, Brothers and Sisters, the time...and the ours."

Fade to black. World of Warcraft logo shines in and the words fade to black as the logo's blue color shakes to red and the words are now, "Seat of the Maelstrom".


The story is a powerful mage who's family was taken by the Cataclysm, realizes the the Kirin Tor is doing nothing to stop Deathwing as the Alliance and Horde are attacking each other in their war. He calls to him people from both sides who have been hurt by the Cataclysm and events prior.

Using his power over magic, he moves his entire brotherhood into Naxxramas as it's former masters are enjoying their second afterlife and moves it to the center of the world to absorb the elemental energies that the Cataclysm has wrought and became an Elemental Supreme where he will destroy the world and be powerful enough to stop Deathwing. As adventurers, you're the only ones who can stop his mad plan as the rest of the world always seems inconveniently busy to help.

Potential for Bosses is great as you can mix Blood Elves who lost their homeland, Orcs who felt dishonored working with the Alliance in the Third War, Tauren who lost their beloved chief, Undead who just like being evil, Trolls over how Garrosh has treated them despite years of loyal service, Goblins who see the profit behind this.

You also have Humans scarred from the years of war and betrayal, Night Elves who believe the Cataclysm is the end of the world, Dwarves who were loyalists to Magni and abandoned their loyalty once his brat of a daughter took the throne due to a technicality (*Coughs Baldagrim*), Gnomes who are mad, Draenei who lost their faith in the Light, Worgen who are more in Bloodfang's crowd.

And many more reasons as to why. But the main boss who resides in KT's old chamber is the Chaos Mage. He's redesigned the room as each small alcove is filled with a particular element and not undead troops.

Phase 1: He summons fire patches on the ground and causes cave-ins to appear on random raid members as he fights affixed to the center of the room. At 70% and 45% health, he transitions to Phase 2.

Phase 2: He casts an Arcane Shield making him immune to damage. He summons four Water spouts that travel from the back of the room to him in cross pattern every 9 seconds. If you get caught in the water spout, you die. Tornadoes appear around the room that knock you against the boss and hold you there for 2 seconds. After 45 seconds, he transitions back to Phase 1.

Phase 3: At 20% health, he casts a spell with a 30-second cast time entitled, "Elemental Supreme". If you don't kill him before the spell is cast, he will shout, "I HAVE TRANSCENDED!" and turn into the most powerful elemental in existence (seamlessly combining the four elements into one) and with a huge wave of energy, wipes the raid.