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Cataclysm: New 600-member hard cap imposed on guilds {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 8:10PM Figured I would add some insight to this discussion in referenct to the why and when.

Currently there are two rather large guilds on the US PVE Cataclysm Beta. They are:

Epically Challenged, which i believer had 3000-4000 members as of last night


Beta Max, which has about 1100 members.

Any player on the beta servers who was in a guild containing a roster in the 1k range was subject to non stop client crashes. Simply put, when an individual would pull up the guild tab, the client would attempt to not only pull all of the names of the players int he guild, but an excess amount of additional information which was being tracked for guild achievmants. Generally once any player clicked the guild tab, following the 10-30 second client freeze, the player would loose all access to any form of chat, guild/general/whispers/trade, and be unable to access any npc's menu or interact with the guild bank or trainers by any means. Genearlly 2-5 minuites later the client would crash. This got to the point where as most everyone was truly in fear of clicing on the guild tab at any time. Even a simle /ginvite would crash the client.

Apparently the blue post you all are refrencing is related to the hotfix and restart that went live on the beta and ptr realms on the late evening of Monday October 5th. Following the restart, all guilds immediatly showed a 600 player cap and any guilds which had a high volume roster could no longer invite. It appears that most of the guild members of guilds over 600 retained their members, however not all of the guild members are being displayed online in the interface. For example, the guild im in, Epically Challenged, last i saw had somewhere clost to 4000 members, with generally 2-3000 online at a time, now it only shows 600 memebers and 1-200 online at a time, though if you go through the guild roster its clear there are well over 600 members.

I do wish there was some detailed information made available on the change specifically, but this is how blizzard does things, randomly, without comment, and generally without any thought or testing before hand..

Hope the info helps explain what happened.

Defining "PuGgable" {WoW}

May 7th 2009 3:43PM If this article was intended to simply fill a spot on the page then you have my regards on your accomplishment.

Nax 25, Vault 25, Os 25, were all pugged on their first week. Our group did take 3 weeks to fully clear Nax 25 as a pug however it was a different group on each occasion. We have pugged 2 drake Sarth 25, though have yet do down 3D with a pug though amazingly close.

Regarding Ulduar, this was pugged on its opening week to 7/14 and on 25 man 6/14.

Please realize, nothing has changed in the contentline. It is quite apparent that Ulduar is no less then the same watered down content we saw with the Naxx and T7.

The real question is why do we have guild groups raiding 5 nights per week that have yet to progress to the level of the pugs that have been running Ulduar since day 1.