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Blood Pact: Truth, science and flying monsters {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 8:18PM I have always thought a Fel Flame Volcanic Dragon would do the trick. What is this? Think a netherdrake? with a mottled grey/black skin, jutting lower jaw, suitibly demonic looking with the 'core hound' back, ie split open with fire. Maybe my discription was poor, but basically a big demonic lizard thing.

Introductory guide to fighting warlocks, page 2 {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 9:47AM That might have been me in WSG. That is my routine play in the BG, got me my Ironman.

Also, Zach dude, Imps do have a use in PvP, though rare. In a high pet death environment, such as Arena with a warrior who REALLY wants that puppy dead, a phased imp is a great choice for Soul Link, as it can't be killed but grants the Soul Link. Just remember to unphase occasionally or it will die to SL transfer damage.

Also also, where is the Doomguard chitchat? George the Doomguard brings so very much to the table, including getting everyone on the other team attacking him, as they grossly overestimate its power. Or they don't like me using it to spam dispels on everything...

Finally, don't forget the might of the Portal in world PvP, especially Wintergrasp. Good places include the ledge above the door, the inner ring if you can fly up before you get dismounted, and above the vendors. All provide wonderful killing locations, and the portal provides a quick escape.

Two Bosses Enter: Skadi the Ruthless vs. Svala Sorrowgrave {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 8:15PM And because Skadi the Fruitless beat the General when we should have been rolled.

Sorrowgrave has wings, and can avoid the entire gauntlet, then sacrifice Skadi off he drake. Furthermore, Valkyr > Vykrul.

Two Bosses Enter: Jedoga Shadowseeker vs. King Dred {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2009 9:20PM King Dred and his Raptors are charging through Zul'Drak, when violent quakes split the earth. Dred spots a small figure, and launches in pursuit...

Jedoga Shadowseeker, giving a sermon, is rudely interupted by a terrified cultist. Quakes have opened the roof, and comming.

Dred spies the cultists milling about and changes in, roaring. The cultists are shreded in moments, and a Scytheclaw has followed Dred down. Jedoga Shadowseeker lands, and attacking with all the fury of a priestess of Yogg-Saron. Overmatched, though slaying the smaller Raptor, she levitates and prepares to sacrifice a worshiper. Dred snaps at her, then sees another raptor has joined in, and sees some food near the ground. The "chosen" is devoured by the Devilsaur. Jedoga Shadowseeker lands atop the smaller raptor, and swiftly slays it. Dred raises his claws menacingly and badly mauls the Shadowseeker. She responds with a mighty Cyclone Strike, which sends Dred reeling. Seeing an opening, a cultists is sacrified. Empowered by her god, Jedoga Shadowseeker launches atop Dred, and strikes with deadly precision. Dred, snarling, throws the troublsome Cult Leader to the side, and raises his claws for the killing strike. Jedoga Shadowseeker tries the sacrifice another cultist, but Dred, seeing the small figure, roars with unearthly fury. The very walls of the ancient city tremble, and the cultists flee. Dred turns back to the Shadowseeker, and crushes the life out of her with massive talons. Roaring in triumph, the rest of the Raptor pack enter the ruins, and set off after the terrified cultists. Between the Raptors and the Scourge, none survive. Dred sets of home to Drak'tharon Keep with his pack, well fed from gorging on the Twilight Hammer.

Two Bosses Enter: Anomalus vs. Tribunal of Ages {WoW}

Jun 4th 2009 7:03PM Anomalus wins this one without a sweat. Anomalus enguages the adds, while moving around to avoid the mobs. When he opens a rift, his own adds join the fray. Soon enough, having lost about 25% of his HP, he shields himself. The Tribunal Adds now fight Anomalus' adds. Anomalus' adds are loosing, but BAM, the AoE evens up the contest, and the fight rages on.

Anomalus retakes to the battle, with the Tribunal kicking it up a few notches to boot. Once again, our Elemental Hero takes a beating, and pops up some rifts, and hides in his shield. The multiple rifts now attack the Adds, with lots of AoE. The Tribunal adds are quickly slaughtered.

Round 3, and Anomalus, being a willy one (he beat the Blue Dragonflight at its own game, that has got to count for something), has a new strat. He just runs about, kiting the adds, while his own build up (though a few dieing to the faces of doom). He goes immune again and his adds win the day. Brann is fine, but had the fight gone any longer, Anomalus would have gone down; when immune, his adds can easily protect the rifts and keep hold of the adds, while the AoE rips them apart.

Anomalus, the Arcane Elemental, is too much for a Titian Defense Grid. By shielding himself, and his may adds to even the score of numbers, and his deft dodging of the Tribunal brings victory.

Two Bosses Enter: Dalronn and Skarvald vs. Skadi {WoW}

May 23rd 2009 6:16PM Skadi has this one easy. Not because of any might or weakness of the boss, but rather how you, WoWinsider, set this match up. Dalronn and Skarvald loose a member 75% through the gauntlet, and the other would be at 20%-40% hp remaining when the true battle begins. The gauntlet has made this fight unwinnable.

On Neutral Ground, we have a different Story. Dalronn and Skarvald and put out very strong damage, and have a nasty debuff to lob on Skadi. If they are smart enough to Dodge Whirlwind (but the skeletons would not be that smart, and would die...) they would take Skadi down, but Skarvald would perish and Dalronn would be very low.

To make it perfectly fair, try a large arena (I think of Nagrand minus the Pillars) and Skadi gets 10 strafing runs on the Drake. Most will be dodged, but Dalronn and Skarvald will take a bit of damage, and a fair fight will break out.

In conclusion, Skadi will win this biased fight for 2 reasons:
1. Skadi is the harder boss, due to people failing at staying out out of the fire and avoiding whirlwind. Once they are under wraps, you have a very easy fight, but many wont think it through.
2. Clear thinkers can see that the fight is woefully stacked in favor of Skadi, and thus is not a fair fight.

Note to WoWinsider:
So please, WoWinsider, don't make biased fights. You have decreed that Dalronn and Skarvald start at (effectivly) 30%. We will see a 90% landslide for Skadi.

Two Bosses Enter: Drakos the Interrogator vs. Salramm the Fleshcrafter {WoW}

May 7th 2009 6:33PM I agree with DruidGuard.

The Ghouls will be largly ineffective, but do far more than the bombs. Our Necromancer can blast his Ghouls for a bit more boom, while Drakos can't force Salramm into them. Then, the Debuffs come in. Curse of Twisted Flesh will hurt alot, and steal life will reduced Drakos' DPS to laughable amounts.

No contest really, Drakos is good, and good at killing players, but Salramm has the tools needed to win a bossfight.

Two Bosses Enter: Infinite Corruptor vs. Gortok Palehoof {WoW}

Mar 19th 2009 5:59PM Gortok Palehoof has this one.
He and his posse together are stronger than any individual boss, thus the gauntlet will make or break this; full Posse v IC would be a one sided match. We will assume the Furbolg ran off and got killed (with is rage, sending him charging down zombies) and 1 other would go down before the fight. On the subject of "not healing themselves" I can't heal myself but I eat/drink. Gortok and his buddies can do the game in my book, but even so, due to attrition between breaks some would die.

The fight itself:
Gortok and the Posse have the advantage in numbers, DoTs and raw power. IC will have to rely on his blight and attrition. Even a 50% hp Gortok with 2 25% hp allies would be too much for IC. The corrupter is a very very weak boss, and depends on the gauntlet to a large extent. The Posse, is a very very strong boss, and teams rely on the 1 at at time to beat them. The best players in the world would be hard pressed against the full fury of a heroic posse.
The Blind rage and fury will overcome the calm and calculating dragon. He wont be able to hold up.