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Gearing up for PvP: Gaming surfaces and keyboards {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 3:33PM I had 2 "SteelSeries" keyboards that I bought just for WOW. The base one neither one lasted more than 1 year. And I am a casual player mostly on weekends. Also there are issues installing and updating the software. I had over 100.00 in the 2 bases and ket boards. I just gave up and got a Razer.

The Queue: Locke {WoW}

May 7th 2009 9:59PM If players would take some time to help players understand why they should respec, and how that would help them, it may make things easier. Rather than to demand that they respec. I think that part of the "social contract" should be to help players learn, not to demean them for doing what they thought was good for what they had been doing. I have found that most players just ridicule. It is very hard to get good solid advice, or even a helping hand. It's very disheartening to make it to 80, and get no respect for what you have achieved.