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The end of vanilla WoW {WoW}

May 9th 2009 3:49PM Arguing for or against leveling is a stalemate, some people love it and some, like me, absolutely despise it. Blizzard has done several things to help speed up the leveling process but it still seems like a chore for me. What I would suggest as they already seem to be going down this road, is make a scalable trinket that grants scalable xp gains. For instance, say 1-5 you gain xp at normal rate, 6-10 at 2%, 11-20 5%, and so forth up to around level 70. In this way people still have to level yet they dont miss out on the core concepts of their class while at the same time it wont take weeks to get into new content. Obviiously I'm not a math wiz and the actual amount of scaling would have to be tweaked but personally I would be much more inclined to start a new character given this opportunity.

As for the most of you that say leveling is your favorite part of the game and not to take it away, that's awesome that you enjoy it. Problem is now that it is so rare to see other players, let alone find a group in the old world that not a lot of people do enjoy it. I agree, brand new players to WoW should have to go through all the old content to learn the mechanics, but once you've done it and gotten a player to max level you should get some sort of incentive to go back and do it again, really it is just a long grind when you honestly look at it... even a majority of the quests are grind quests.

Just as an example about new players coming into the game... I happened to be mobbing around on my mage soloing some old instances a month or so ago cause I was bored and I happened upon a little level 7 mage. He seemed to be a cool kid and it was his first char so I invited him to the guild to help him out. It brought back the time when I made my first char and was all stoked about it, he was crackin us up in guild chat because he was getting so excited about stuff that we've all forgotten or don't care about anymore. Needless to say and long story short, after about a week or so he pretty much dissapeared. I caught him on one day and he's letting his subscription expire. It's too time consuming and he's tired of being the only person his level around. I mean, I feel bad for the kid but I also feel his pain... The Old World Is Dead.