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Totem Talk: Last call for enhancement buffs {WoW}

Jun 19th 2011 6:34PM The fact that you used the term "disgusting behaviour" shows you were deleted for the right reasons.

The Queue: That dog {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 11:53AM I think we're getting to the point of all classes for all races. Which wouldn't be such a horrible thing. The whole point of keeping certain races out is because it isn't common, not because there's no chance they could do that job.

For instance, in the newly Argent-occupied Hearthglen, there are orcs as a part of their group. And there's always been the undead guy in Light's Hope Chapel. Gnome medics casting renew in Gnomeregan since in was first released. If we're going pure lore, there's no alliance warlocks allowed in the cities, male druids only and female priests only when it comes to Night Elves. And so on.

The Queue: That dog {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 11:40AM I like Cary's response.

Gnomes, after the last expansion, are suddenly curious about the light and their race's history. The 'medics' are able to harness the light, their lore doesn't have to be ultimate devotion to the light to use it. They are just smart enough to figure it out.

The Queue: That dog {WoW}

Apr 8th 2011 11:32AM well as you just said, Tauren don't have paladins, they have sunwalkers. Why can't trolls have Voodoo warriors, or gnomes have battle medics?

Patch 4.1: New heirlooms hint at tier 1 raiding sets {WoW}

Mar 30th 2011 4:58PM apparently opinions are fact :P

Please bring on the Felheart!

What WoW mobile app would you like to see next? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 11:24PM I'd love this, but I think I'd stop logging on most of the time if there was an out-of-game guild chat :P

WRUP: Some of this, some of that {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2011 8:25AM Been playing some free-to-play MMOs to see what's available. Aside from leveling my lock or the professions on my shaman, I haven't had the urge to play WoW much.

Breakfast Topic: How do you get rid of more money than you need? {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 8:24AM Army of geared, 310% flying alts sounds about right.