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Officers' Quarters: Patch 4.0.1 -- An officer's perspective {WoW}

Sep 24th 2010 9:26AM One of the guilds I have been involved with recently had the Guild Leader get hacked. She had an authenticator. She was on wow, got DC'd and my mate called her to find out when she would be back. She was on the phone to him when her character logged back in and started clearing out the guild bank. Over 100k gold and hundreds of flasks and mats and other good stuff disappeared in a flash.

The Guild leader when she got back online was so upset that she folded the guild... they got all the stuff back eventually, but she still folded it. We had 2 10man teams who were 11/12 in ICC10.

For my guild, I am looking forward to this because I want to have a couple of general access tabs, a couple of raiding tabs and a couple of officer only tabs and I want to restrict the officer ranks to those people who have authenticators.

Breakfast Topic: Do you prefer to be the off tank? {WoW}

Sep 20th 2010 5:08AM I am my guilds MT... for reasons unbeknown to me, I ended up with the role. It could possibly be because when we restarted my old guild, the other two guys who were levelling up tanks suddenly became enamored with the horde side and are spending more time on there than on the alliance side, but we have picked up a few more tanks and things are good. The only time I ever get to be an off-tank is when I go off on a pug run and there is some other tank there practically shouting out that he is the MT, to which I say whatever.

I am currently levelling up a feral druid so I can off-tank with him in guild runs. That should be interesting.

Breakfast Topic: Tank anxiety {WoW}

Aug 4th 2010 6:33AM I leveled my warrior to 20 and decided he was boring, so I started a paladin... I got him to lvl 43 and respec'd holy (I was using a hybrid build until then) and leveled him to 70, learnt my trade as a healer and then leveled my hunter and got to be a good dps...

Then the guild I was in needed tanks, so myself and one of the other members leveled our warriors. We both got them to 70 just as wrath came out, so we went back to our mains and started leveling and gear them up.

At the end of last year, I got bored and leveled up both my rogue and my warrior to 80 and I have spent a lot of time gearing them both up and a couple of months back, I moved the warrior back to my old guild because some of my friends wanted to do 10man raiding and our current guild didnt do that anymore... all the emphasis was on raiding 25man. From there we did a lot of 5mans together so we could get the hang of things and so I could get experience as a tank.

When I was first gearing up my warrior, I would phase into the hc, post something like 'Hi, I will be your tank for the run, I am still learning this class so please bear with me' and as people have noted, the asshats would automatically just quit out, but a lot of the time, the people were pretty understanding and while back in the beginning, we did wipe occasionally, it's been a long time since I was the cause of a wipe.

These days, I am the MT for our guild... we do strictly 10man raids together and last night we ran our first attempt at RS10. While there were a few wipes in there, we still managed to kill 2 of the mini-bosses and had the third mini-boss down to 149k when we wiped :(

I used to be a little anxious at first when I started tanking but I got over it thanks to a lot of good friends and a fair few understanding PUG members :)

WoW Rookie: Emblem gear for the fresh level 80 {WoW}

Jul 30th 2010 8:46AM I think that allowing brand new lvl 80's to access all the end game starter raiding gear through emblems is a bit of a cheat. As soon as they ding, they are racing into instances to get a load of EoT's and then grabbing their T9 gear and the 245 trinket and ring and then doing the ICC 5 man heroics for their other 232 gear.

And then once they have all this shiny stuff, they automatically assume that they are going to be worthwhile in a raid and so they start pugging raids, their DPS sucks because they dont know their DPS rotations or as a tank they cant hold aggro because they dont know how to get and maintain the aggro. The guildmaster of my hunters guild was telling me that he saw a tank trying to maintain aggro solely through using heroic strike.

Gearscore is a false reading IMHO, and when I am organising raids, I prefer to give low scored people a chance (having seen the undergeared project), especially if I know the person has several well geared alts because I know that they are skilled and experienced players.

Having nice shiny gear is all well and good if you know how to use it... so Skill and experience will always win in my books.

The Daily Quest: Burning out {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 5:02AM I have been suffering from raiding burnout with my mains guild. Every week, half guild run, half pug and all we ever seem to do is the first 4 bosses in the first day and have to cancel the second day of the run because of a lack of interest. It was getting damned boring and the crunch came a couple of weeks ago when I realised that the GM has gotten more into gear and being the top of the dps list when a pug tank pulled differently to what we were expecting and the tank, the GM and about 4 other raid members were on the deck dead before the healers got there and after we managed to kill them all, the GM was going 'Wake up healers'.

Friends of mine from my mains guild knew that I used to have a couple of other guilds that were just sitting around and I had put my multi-boxing teams into one of them and I was spending a lot of time multi-boxing when not raiding. So we had a discussion about our boredom of doing the same 4 bosses every week, so we decided to turn the guild I was using as a multi-boxing guild into a 10man progression based raiding guild.

Since then we have started recruiting a few people to make up the numbers and we have a relaxed attitude to raiding. We also get good friends from other guilds joining us for runs and we are doing it for the fun of raiding and to see content that we wouldnt have seen with our mains guild.

Since it is all for fun, gear score is pretty much ignore as we have the manta of, if we think you are ready and you think that you are ready, then you can come along. We did the first 4 bosses plus the mini boss before the dreamer and one of the icc quest mini bosses and had a damned good shot at Fester. We wiped a fair few times during the run but considering that our MT had a gs of 4.5k, the other tank had a gs of 4.4 and one of our healers had a gs of 3.9k, we were kind of expecting the wipes.

Just about everyone in the run were either newbies in icc10 or experienced veterans playing their mains or experienced veterans playing alts (as in the case of the tanks... it was their first icc 10 run as tanks :)) and as a tribute to the team, we managed to 1 shot Deathbringer on our first effort.

So as a group of people, we have managed to defeat the burnout and boredom that was starting to set in by remembering that this is a game we pay good money for the privilege of playing and we have gone back to just playing to have a laugh and have a good time with friends.

Pity some people seem to forget that and get to serious about the game.

Officers' Quarters: Emotionally invested {WoW}

Jun 15th 2010 8:47AM I have a rather interesting situation that could be similar to Hard Worker. I have been involved with my mains current guild for almost as long as I have been playing the game. I have always had 1 toon in there, even when I was running my own guild.

I have always had good friends in the guild, but recently things have changed and attitudes have changed and people who are good friends have left for greener pastures. Then I merged my old guild with the one my mains are currently in and I have had my mains in there for the last 2 years.

Before Wrath came out, we were a friendly casual raiding guild who weren't that interested in speed raiding and would take the entire lockout to complete Kara... but the thing was that we were having fun. If people didnt show up for the raid, there were no repercussions and we would just go off and do some HC's.

Wrath came out and we all leveled to 80 as quickly as possible and started doing 10man naxx, still on the same sort of casual basis. Then another guild we were friends with wanted to merge with us and create a new super guild with all the best raiders from both guilds making up the 25man team.

The majority of the officers of the guild wanted the other guild to be subsumed into our guild but to see how things went, we did a few 25man runs in Naxx with some success. But we (foolishly as it turns out) stuck to our guns and the two guilds went their own ways.

But by now, some of the guild members, including the GM, had the bug of raiding 25mans and so attitudes changed and we started getting pugs into our raids to make up the numbers and for some reason we were never as successful in our raiding.

Since then, our casual raiding guild has become more of a raiding guild than some people liked but we have never managed to progress past the first few bosses in any raids and some of the guild members have become obsessed with gear and getting the best gear so that they could have the best dps or the best gear score they could and all the fun went out of raiding at that point.

A number of friends from my mains guild knew that I had kept my old guild and started talking to me about turning it into a casual friendly 10man raiding guild (similar to what the current guild used to be) and to do progression raiding. I thought about it a bit and we have restarted my old guild and we have a core of very experienced and skilled raiders and we are recruiting people who are brand new level 80's or are still in their 70's and we are going to teach them how to raid as part of a 10man team... and have fun while we are doing it.

We dont believe in gear score because of our experience and skill.

The problem I am facing is that I am an officer in my mains guild and I am back to being the GM of my old guild. I still attend the 25man raids in the mains guild (which I am not really enjoying), but I am also raiding a couple of nights a week (when we get a full raid) with my old/new guild.

We arent really progressing in my mains guild in ICC25 with my mains are stuck on 5/12, while all the old friends I had who have left to go to other guilds are at 11/12 or have killed the LK. Should I move my mains to a new guild where I will have to learn whole new tactics that those guilds use (would help for when my old/new guild starts raiding that content) or should I just concentrate on the old/new guild and getting them into ICC10 content as quickly as possible.

I have a lot of emotional attachment to my mains guild, but most of my good friends have left the guild for other guilds or have left the realm completely and the replacements aren’t all that friendly.

What do I do... should I put my mains on hold and just go raiding with the toons I have in my original guild or go raiding occasionally with my original guild toons and move my mains to a guild where they would progress.

Ready Check: I miss Karazhan {WoW}

Jun 7th 2010 8:12AM Kara was awesome fun... we used to take the whole 7 days back when we were all noobs at raiding but we had a lot of fun.

Then Blizz released WotLK and we raced to lvl 80 so we could go raiding in Naxx and have fun... because back then we were a 10man raiding guild. Then we teamed up with another guild to do the 25man naxx and cleared that on our second or third attempt.

Then the whole fun to raid thing changed and people started getting more gear orientated about it all... and the fun left the raiding building and recently raiding 25man icc has actually become a bore with my mains guild. Too many people that are just interested in GS and not paying attention to skill. Because these days with emblems everywhere, you can get T9.5 geared without actually having to do a raid these days.

So a bunch of us have reactivated my old guild and we are turning it into a 10man raiding guild just so we can have fun and not be so gear orientated and bring fun back into the game.

And we 2manned most of Kara the other week, and only got in a third person to do Arun, Chess and the prince... and we had a ball while we were doing it. Now, we are planning on doing vanilla and TBC raids just for the hell of it.

A lot of people in my mains guild have forgotten that it is a game that we pay for the privilege of playing and that we should be having fun doing it.

10 ways to build a healing mentality {WoW}

Jun 7th 2010 7:35AM Biggest thing that gets me hacked off is raiding with a tank we havent raided with before. We usually do a LOS pull on the adds in Deathwhispers room. And all the healers setup accordingly. When the tank goes running into the room and pulls both groups and one of the big adds.

By the time the healers get into the room, the tank is down and so is the RL. After the fight, and we have ressed everyone... the tank is apologising profusely for the mix up, and the raid leader comes out with a classic comment clearly designed to piss off every healer in the raid... "Healers wake up". I have to admit that I did make a few comments about that and pointed out that we did that wrong and I didnt quit the raid then and there... but how can you blame the healers for the tank pulling and not doing a LOS pull.

Encrypted Text: How to gear your rogue to be raid-ready {WoW}

May 27th 2010 3:33AM I just tried out the iDPS tool and it is pretty much spot on for where my dps is in ICC25. I am averaging approximately 5.9k dps over the trash mobs and bosses. I still have a few items to upgrade (trinket and neck straight off the top of my head) so I should be able to push that up to about the 6.9k that I got the other night on Saurfang.

So for me to be achieving the amount of dps that iDPS is saying that I am doing means that I have my rotation down tight :)

Now that makes me damned happy...

Just give me some more gear and I will be happy.

Gold Capped: Making gold with alchemy {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2010 5:11AM I have most of the prof's covered with my level 80's and I am finding that I spend a few hours grinding loads of saronite ore, divide it up and smelt about 50% into bars and then send the bars to either my of my alchemists and give the rest of the ore to my JC to prospect.

I then split the blue gems (and the eternals from my miners) between the alchemists and start transmuting.

In between raiding with my 3 top geared lvl 80's and instance running for gear and badges on my other 2 80's I have to make the time to go grinding mats.