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Latest SWTOR video showcases astounding levels of in-game footage {Massively}

Jul 21st 2009 10:44AM It looks absolutely incredible. Can't wait to try it.

However it appears as though most of the game seems to be instanced with your character and only a few others due to how the different choices can cause different effects.

I'm not quite sure how this would work out. I mean, will we see "LFG Rebellious Captain. Killing him." where you would then have to find a group of players who want the same exact choices to be made as you? Or does each player go into a little phased version of the instance during dialogue where they make their own choices, but then rejoin the group after the dialogue?

It will be interesting to say the least, and will most likely be fantastic.

WoW Moviewatch: Craft of War: BLIND {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 1:08PM That was amazing to say the least.

I now have the tremendous desire to re-roll rogue.

What If We Lost: An argument for losing a major lore-based battle {WoW}

Jul 13th 2009 10:37AM I have to agree with this article.

We are fighting the Lich King. This guy is supposedly powerful enough and has enough undead that if we don't stop him the world is screwed. So we go to Northrend and find.... no challenge? This master of death itself is unable to stop us. We're able to land on his continent, set up bases he can't destroy, decimate his armies, assassinate his lieutenants, capture his bases, etc. and he does absolutely nothing about it.

Heck, there is no reason the Argent Tournament should actually exist. Three tents and a few parts of a Colliseum with mountains on two sides, a sharp drop on one side, and Sindragosa's fall, home to countless Scourge. It should have been wiped out day one of it's existance, yet all the Lich King does about it is send one pathetic Frost Wyrm to attack it? Reallly?

The whole thing is just kind of ridiculous. Our characters are starting to become freaking demi-gods, capable of just ROFLPWNing one threat after another after another without the slightest effort. And when telling a story having these sorts of things happen just makes it boring. Heck, even in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings the main heroes had losses and setbacks. Did they win in the end? Yeah, but did they get there without a scratch and no effort whatsoever? Heck no.

We need more Wrathgate type stuff if you ask me. Where it feels like we've actually lost something. Except make it so the Scourge actually accomplishes the deed, instead of just running away. Again. Hopefully next expansion the villain will actually try. Right now the Scourge look about as powerful as those gnolls in Elywnn Forest.

Two Bosses Enter: Moorabi vs. Trollgore {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 12:45PM This would be a close fight, but I believe Moorabi would be able to pull away with the win.

Trollgore has no kinds of stuns or interrupts whatsoever. This means Moorabi is going to be spending most of the fight in mammoth form which can put out a heck of a lot of damage.

Moorabi also has two AOE attacks which should be enough to burn down the non-elite adds that Trollgore will summon quite quickly. This means that they will likely be too far away from Trollgore's 10 yard range to be exploded, and will most likely be dead before he can consume them.

Trollgore would be able to get off some good damage with the Consumes stacking and having an Infected Wound permanently in place, but I believe that Moorabi in mammoth form the whole fight with a Gore attack in place at all times while AOEing all adds and the boss would be able take the win, barely.

Two Bosses Enter: Drakos the Interrogator vs. Salramm the Fleshcrafter {WoW}

May 7th 2009 7:29PM I also believe that it would be Salramm who would win the fight.

The bombs that Drakos summons would blast away at the ghouls summoned by Salramm, but if they are about to die he could simply blow them up to deal lots more damage.

Then theres the actual abilities of the bosses. Drakos' abilities seem to only be focused on AOE which would hurt the ghouls, but wouldn't do much against Salramm himself. Meanwhile, the Fleshcaller can reduce Drakos' health to 75%, give him a big DOT, decrease his damage by 75%, buff his own damage by 75%, and then just PEW PEW with Shadow Bolts.

No contest really.