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5 reasons you should love classic World of Warcraft {WoW}

Nov 1st 2011 10:35PM Having no knowledge of Warcraft games beforehand, I remember creating a night elf and running around thinking the big tree in the middle of the starting area was Teldrassil (which I thought epic in and of itself). But when I discovered the whole "island" I was on was a giant was a really just epic feeling I won't forget.

Breakfast Topic: What class would you bring to WoW? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 6:39PM I see what you did there.

The Queue: Undertow {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2011 7:50PM Yeah that would have been awesome, I think Humbug wasn't as well received as the first two but it's still a good, if somewhat dark album. I'm really loving Suck it and See as well.

But anyway you cut it, it was a very good night to be at the Bowl.

The Queue: Undertow {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2011 4:12PM The Hollywood Bowl concert was great! Every band there was amazing, just wish Arctic Monkeys would have played some of their newer stuff. Warpaint was pretty psychedelic.

Patch 4.1 PTR patch notes update for March 15 {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 9:47PM Phew I never liked Living Seed.

The Queue: Zul'Again {WoW}

Mar 5th 2011 12:25PM Too many questions about 4.1.....

Cataclysm Beta: Relics changed to carry stats and sockets {WoW}

Aug 14th 2010 1:14AM You might do a little bit more damage/healing/threat this way but it just seems weird. Class specific things are kinda slipping away and in moderation the game experience is improved, but something like this seems too far.

Ask a Faction Leader: High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque {WoW}

Apr 13th 2010 9:51PM "Every gnomish woman is guaranteed the required security clearance to access this firearms expo, and they never refuse."

I lol'd.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Feral druid analysis, part 3 {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 4:10PM Incoming shroom jokes!

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Updated patch notes {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 9:14PM Thanks for the info.