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Forum post of the day: Tank Haiku {WoW}

May 12th 2009 4:06PM I don't play a tank
So I can't comment on them
But here's some advice:

When looking for pugs
There's DPS aplenty
So spec Tank or Heals
Many people think
There are noobs of every class
Try not to be one
Caster PVP:
You think you are doing great
Till you get stun-locked

And maybe next time
You will see that stupid rogue
Before he sees you
When choosing a race
Remember the basic facts
To educate yourself:

Humans are cliche
There are too many of them
Way too overdone

If you choose a Dwarf
Don't be another hunter
Be original

Night Elves are okay
At least they can be druids
That makes them awesome

Gnomes are just silly
Squeaky voices and the like
Make them laughable

Dranei the "space goat"
If you didn't sound Russian
You wouldn't be fun

And now for the Horde
Sorry, unintended pun
Anyway, here's this:

Orcs are just plain dumb
If they didn't look like Shrek
I'd respect them more

No one plays a Troll
Let alone a female one
They are overlooked

Tauren look like cows
Maybe you can cast some spells
Using your udder

Undead are creepy
Always shambling around
L2Walk Doofus

Lastly, the Blood Elves
They are such pansies, they can't
Be a warrior