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Guildwatch: When GMs go bad {WoW}

May 13th 2009 10:40AM Dear WOW player...

Ok first thing is.. Yes there was a guild called Exitium.. that change to bloodline. We change it to bloodline because there was people that where fail in the guild. and acting to much like little kids. So we made Bloodline. and almost all the people transfar to bloodline. After making Bloodline we all deside to change to a different realm with more People in a guild and so that some People could have more fun raid than leading a guild.. So yes we transfar.. there was about 10 of us now that have transfar.. and more coming.. Now Two about abandoned a guild .. One we told people that we where going to leave and go to a different realm so that we can raid and have fun. the people that where ask to come where core members. And all the people say that we left u out.. Hmm just like you left us all hanging when we tryed to raid . saying you would be there and not logging on. And here is this the big thing.. I pay $15 a month to have fun play a game.. and talk to friend's Get over it ..

.... O ya and if your going to be babe and post shit about people.. have the balls to put your name on it .. X exitium/Bloodline