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Guildwatch: When GMs go bad {WoW}

May 13th 2009 5:02PM Yeah Birdfall, I was all of the above in Exitium. I mean every guild has its drama but none so in fault of the GM's. No more than their due. The Husband only spoke up when he had to, and only bothers to get on people when they deserve it, and Kezren is a dumbass cause the wife almost never stole loot from other casters, in fact she allowed me to have sevral peices, and gave several others to people with less gear. Just saying.

Guildwatch: When GMs go bad {WoW}

May 13th 2009 11:34AM Dear WoW Players,

I was/still am in my heart a core member of Exitium. I was with Exitium for a long time, with a short break. It was a very distinguished guild, raiding every week, Guild Chat was actually good, and Vent flourished with conversation. After Lich King it seemed things took a wrong turn. Exitium took in too many Failures, who only wanted loot and cared nothing about the guild. There were people pushing our GM's to the limit wtih complaining about this and that, pushing for progression, fighting over stupid stuff. Finally, a select few people split off from us, there was no hard feeling on my part, except a few of those that left caused drama before they left. Then after they left exitium thought it would be mature to spread stuff about Exitium's name. Exitium's GM's were not Fail at any time, they actually devoted major amounts of farming time, to equip half the Guild with Good Gear, Enchant anything and everything, and did countless Heroics as often as they could. They did everything for anyone. Now as for the Guild Affliction on Anetheron's Horde side, I would say different things, there are a few in that guild I respect, but others that need to grow up.

As for our transfer, we transferred cause we felt Anetheron offered us nothing anymore, too much drama was caused and rumors spread. We are enjoying our transfer, are finally enjoying the game again.

Thanks :)