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Around Azeroth: Escape to the house of mummies {WoW}

Jul 28th 2009 6:13PM HAH!

Not only was I in that pug, but I can proudly say that I'm Tav's GM... and was NOT in charge of it :p

I was hoping this pic would get in! :)

Mighty Battle: Warlock and Warrior Tier 9 sets {WoW}

Jul 24th 2009 7:32PM /Agree with Nick.

People who have nothing but negativity on such an issue should really use it to go nerd rage over some arena.

Tuesday Morning Post: Howling at the maintenance edition {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 3:03PM @ Todd

I actually think this has a chance. think about it; don't lock them off of other mounts, or anything, so collectors don't bitch, but instead, give them this 'form', or stance, similar to druid forms. it would like travel form for druids, but instead it would be 60%/100% speed. it would have the cast time, and you could be stunned out of it in PvP or whatever, just like any other mount, simply because if you get hit hard when you're running fast, good chance is you stop running fast. perhaps even incur a damage penalty (like all incoming attacks do 20% more damage in 'run form').

I like the idea; it would make worgen into Belfs V2, but frankly, if they really do come in, it would do that anyhow. I mean, jeez... you get to be a damned werewolf. That will attract people.

Drama Mamas: Of phone calls and slanderers {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 1:44PM This is something I've learned through experience: people looking for a helpful guild, as they might call it, are rarely there for advice. Generally, if they aren't looters or something like that, they'll ask every 5 minutes for help with a quest, for help with a dungeon, or help with... well, whatever they happen to see in front of them.

People looking for advice are different, but still can be a pain to deal with sometimes, just by virtue of (hate to say it) age, a lot of the time. when you see things like 'were u put this talnt point', it can be taxing.

We have a tabard: Make it so {WoW}

Jul 16th 2009 7:13PM It's the same Idea we function on in my guild. class leaders is a bit much, especially when you have lots of alts. I'm the GM/RL, but I also function as the 'class leader' for mages (I have a T7.5 geared one) druids (of all playstyles) and rogues (because feral dps is very similar to rogue dps). one of my officers functions as the leader for DKs and warlocks (for the same reason as me, he has two 80 alts).

I can see the system working; if you know mages, for instance, after doing some research, learning the other casters (moonkin, ele shammies, locks and Spriests) really isn't that difficult; same goes for the other similar roles.

As long as your officers do their research, the world becomes a better place.

Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 8:15PM That's an awesome way to deal with a differing viewpoint; shut it out entirely.

Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 8:12PM Names to me are fairly meaningless. If Superman-McAwesome left blizzard's WoW department and left it to Sucky-McSucksalot, so be it; if the game experience improves, it's been a win.

Blizzard's B team may well be running WoW now, because of all the other various things that are going on with them, but frankly, I think the game is improving to an extent, and certainly we aren't regressing. New content is appearing quickly enough, and I, for one, won't be complaining.

Finding Blizzard's Cataclysm {WoW}

Jul 4th 2009 9:02AM I think that the last thing on blizzard's mind will be blowing away the old world's content; I think that it's long been an issue that vanilla worlds have been largely underpopulated (how many people do you see these days in, for instance, feralas, or 1000 needles?). I'm sure that blizzard might be thinking to themselves: how can we increase popularity in the old content? It's a win for them if they introduce some level of phasing also, because there would be less ganking of low leveled players, there would be a 'safer' environment for low levels, and more importantly, as developers, they get to save time simply updating new resources as opposed to having to create entirely new ones.

I would LOVE to see a change with old azeroth; perhaps this phasing thing might allow flying, for example, which blizzard has said before that they would be willing to do, but don't because of the technological barriers.

Raid Rx: Importance of group assigned healing {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 4:22PM Resto Druid heals are all about prevention, not the cure.

generally, HoTs are the way to go, and in a raid scenario, I begin to get a little worried if I have to use direct heals (nourish/HT). wild growth (glyphed, of course) is brilliant for raid heals, and hitting the people it misses are continue to take damage with rejuvs and regrowths is the best way, I find.

Generally, when someone who isn't the tank has a largish health deficit, I throw down a regrowth followed immediately by a rejuv while I target someone else. lifebloom I find is too mana inefficient to use on people who aren't the tank a lot of the time; I'll use it as an extra 'emergency' button (for instance, when someone who isn't the tank suddenly pulls aggro and becomes 'the tank'), but that's about it.

Totem Talk: 3.2 PTR log {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 1:59PM '...we really are, in some ways, the most truly hybrid of the hybrid classes.'

You know, I see your point here, but I disagree with you. I think that while shamans may take silver, druids are sitting pretty with gold.

We have the same healing abilities as you do, and we have an additional one: clinch tanking. Yesterday, I was running a heroic to gear my feral spec, and the tank spontaneously died because he got double crit (not-capped... not my choice. guildie of a pug). I immediately hopped into bear and gained enough threat in a second or two that the party could continue DPSing fully. The healer immediately realized what happened, and started to heal me instead; worked out great.

I've also done the same thing as you, healing when the healer died, and because of innervate, I can basically heal infinitely for 20 seconds.

I think they both have potential, but I really don't believe that shamans beat druids in this regard.