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WRUP: Hell and insomnia are coming {Joystiq}

Mar 17th 2012 12:07AM It'll be a Tales of Graces F weekend for me. That and partying with my friends for a belated St. Patrick's Day megathon of Basketball.

Tales of Graces F review: Comfort food {Joystiq}

Mar 16th 2012 11:57AM @Kougeru I couldn't agree more. Even if this may not be something that your totally interested in, at least buying this will show Namco that we really do like the Tales series over here in N. America and maybe they will put Xillia out over here. Still the game is good enough to warrant a buy from RPG fans anyway so it's not like your buying a terrible game just to send a message.

Persona 3, Tactics Ogre, and other PSP RPGs that will live on my Vita {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 5:57AM It's a shame that the passport feature didn't hit the states as I've got a few of the games listed above in their physical, clunky, UMD forms. I just don't know if I want to buy them a second (or, in the case of Persona 3, a fourth) time just to be able to play them on the Vita. Being on a college student's budget, who still has to buy Lumines as well, makes these things very difficult and even with an upfront fee, the Passport feature that was given to Japan would have been a wonderful idea. But it would seems we weren't deemed worthy of that type of investment at launch.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 review: Fixing the past {Joystiq}

Jan 29th 2012 8:01PM I guess I can say I'm not surprised. With all the negativity that people felt toward XIII, it's not a surprise they would over-compensate toward fixing the things they got wrong in XIII-2, even at the cost of the things that were actually good in XIII, namely the story. I'll still be picking this up as I did enjoy the demo enough to warrant a buy.

Why Final Fantasy XIII just didn't work {Joystiq}

Jan 14th 2012 12:32PM I can definitely understand why FF XIII was game that divided so many people and I totally agree that the biggest problem was the linear way of telling the story. However I wouldn't say it's a bad game. I had no problems getting through it and beating it. I won't say it was a great game, or even a great Final Fantasy game, but I won't say it's a horrible game and the demo for FF XIII-2 looks to fix some of these problems in the next installment. So don't write off this FF story just yet.

12 Days of Joyswag: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition and Munitio headphones {Joystiq}

Dec 19th 2011 11:20PM Does it count if I know someone who has gone prestige? For me the answer is 0 but for my brother it's at least 5 or 6, depending on how much time he's had to play over the last few days.

12 Days of Joyswag: Battlefield 3 superkit - the game, controller, vault, wall graphics {Joystiq}

Dec 16th 2011 10:52PM Fanboy wars are just white noise to me now. Especially when you have two siblings in on the war against each other.....Really makes me question why people can't just enjoy a good game without hating on another

12 Days of Joyswag: Batman: Arkham City game, controller, shirt {Joystiq}

Dec 13th 2011 9:04PM Have I danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight? No but the Joker and I both agree that we like the sound of that...

Portabliss: Corpse Party (PSP) {Joystiq}

Dec 10th 2011 9:32AM This was probably one of the best PSP games I've played in a long time. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a PSP and anyone who enjoys a good freak-out from time to time. That is, once you actually find out where you can purchase it lol. Downloading and installing this game was the only issue I had with this entire experience but it's definitely not enough to stay away completely from this truly horrific experience. Buy it and prepare to be freaked out.

Blood Pact: Looking at tier 13 bonuses {WoW}

Sep 26th 2011 7:12PM Well I'm finally glad to see someone agree with me that the 2p, with all the current benefits the Doomguard gets from a Demo lock, is far too OP for things to just stay as they are now. Having people tell me that the 2p isn't all that powerful cause it only makes one spec OP is beyond BS to me. I do agree that, at the very least, the Demo Doomguard is going to get some kind of nerf done to it for sure and that'll probably be coming sooner rather than later. As for the 4p, if it stays the way it is now, I believe that the itemization would need to be close to perfect on the other two additional pieces you'll need to get the bonus for it to actually be worthwhile. Maybe Affliction can make great use of it but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to get it, like I will the 2p, regardless of what spec I was playing at the time.