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Breakfast Topic: Realm type {WoW}

Sep 28th 2006 5:22PM PVE = WoW Easy Mode.

It seems to me that playing WoW on a PVE server is a bit like leaving the flavor packet out of your ramen. Why not enjoy the full experience?

I realize that getting ganked isn't fun but I like the fact that I have to watch my back when I play. I like the fact that lowbies who stray into contest zones are at the whims of characters more powerful than them.

I farm a certain spot of Azeroth weekly for raiding mats. Another rogue (of opposite faction) does the same. We have an ongoing rivalry that is better than any prescripted questline that Blizz could ever dream up.

To trade that for the land of /waves and /kisses...? No Way!

The Puzzle of Battlegrounds Reputation {WoW}

Aug 11th 2006 4:08PM Personally, I never turn in tokens for 50 rep. I always wait until i have at least 3 of each and turn in for 100 rep ea (and 150 rep for AV). This is another area where AV rep is easier to get.