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Officers' Quarters: Fragmentation {WoW}

May 11th 2009 1:54PM Before going with my guild to wipe with them to Ulduar25, i asked them:

ME: Will we roll over "The Fragments"?
GUILD LEADER: NO, all fragments will go to OFFICER X (no need to say the name).
ME: I will not go with you for Ulduar until you change the policy.

We were top 3 healers on my guild. Me + the other healer who is not Officer will not raid ulduar25 with this policy up. They are picking up some other healers that accept the conditions because they are under-geared (not naxx25). But 1 of them (the best one) is also questioning the metodology and asking to split the fragments.

I really think it's fairer to split the fragments between the 3, yes, 10 to each, then giving all 30 for a guy.

Anyway, if i'm not getting any fragments, i'm not really going to Ulduar until T8.5 is on "Farm Status".