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Recent Comments:

Kids: It's Ok to Copy Movies -- Isn't It? {Cinematical}

Aug 11th 2006 7:21PM Well, as teenager I must say that I use copied DVDs. Why I must go and buy another one if my friend has the same?

No night driving equals pounds in the wallet {Autoblog}

Aug 11th 2006 7:18PM It means that young guys must walk from late parties on their own

$149 PSP coming soon? CNN reports {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 11th 2006 7:17PM Yes, abilities. But DS Lite has a great community now. Much more than PSP (sorry)

Screenshot explosion: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance {Joystiq Nintendo}

Aug 11th 2006 7:14PM I thought all games will support wii gamepad. What a ***?!

Harvest Moon DS movies {Joystiq Nintendo}

Aug 11th 2006 7:12PM This game is for my children

The Puzzle of Battlegrounds Reputation {WoW}

Aug 11th 2006 7:06PM I suppose different reputation is for some purposes... maybe in future?

Surround sound with style {Joystiq Xbox}

Aug 11th 2006 7:03PM 700$ is too many for this system! Does anyone know it's specifications?

Let baby control early eating of solids {ParentDish}

Aug 11th 2006 6:50PM I suppose it depends only on parents. They can regulate in future what their child will eat and child understand it

FCC Fridays {Engadget Mobile}

Aug 11th 2006 6:45PM They just gather all interesting information in 1 place. Isn't it more comfortable?