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Recent Comments:

Flash Insider retiring {Flash Insider}

Aug 11th 2006 6:35PM Hey, it's the second weblogs inc blog, which is retired today. What is happening?!

Eidos and Ford making promotional racing game for PS2, Xbox {Joystiq}

Aug 11th 2006 6:23PM What game can be made for few months... Not a best game for buying

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion {Card Squad}

Aug 11th 2006 6:21PM It's not a surprise for me. Jamie's game was well and sure. Even his name says everything for him

How often do you shop? {Slashfood}

Aug 11th 2006 6:20PM Once a month. It is main products. And everyday shopping for miserable buyings

Battlestar Galactica recap episode coming to UHD, Xbox Live Marketplace {Engadget HD}

Aug 11th 2006 6:14PM If it's distributed on Xbox Live it means it will be available for Xbox 360 users?

Big 5 Coat Rack {Luxist}

Aug 11th 2006 6:11PM I think it's a bit expensive for just " a piece of modern art"

Divers Attempt World Record Dive This Weekend {Divester}

Aug 11th 2006 6:09PM I hope there will be world record

Capital One vikings crack me up {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Aug 11th 2006 6:07PM Maybe because it's not traditional ad it's really good ad?

Photo of the Day (8/11/06) {Gadling}

Aug 11th 2006 6:05PM Amazing photo! But it really looks like hand-made on computer