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15 Minutes of Fame: 76-year-old player relies on strategy {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 9:01PM Designing a game for older people sounds like a good idea johnny. I got interested in this game after helping my son figure out the some Game Boy game similar to WarCraft I. Then came WarCraft II and III. As George Bush says it, those were Stategery games, somewhat like the DnD video games. Placing fighters in the correct places, like you do playing Chess. Only the 'pieces' would of course hack on each other.

Blizzard made a big break from WarCraft III to WoW. We no longer move the 'pieces', we are the pieces on the chess board. I've been with the different versions of this game for a long time and am 50 years old. I've seen half of ICC raiding with players, some of them less than half my age.

I guess us older players see what Blizzard offers us, and decide to go with it. We do have a tendency to group with players closer to our own ages.

Blizzard does think about its target market. Perhaps older people move a bit slower but on the other hand, maybe they stay with something longer than younger players. I'd bet on the older people being a more stable market as we aren't as likely to bolt for next new thing that comes along.

Who sticks around in guilds longer? Older or younger people? I've never run a guild, but I'd go with stable and patient over leet dps.

To reply to something you wrote, Blizzard does appeal to his generation, and it could more so, and I hope it does. Spamming buttons is perhaps a younger players forte, and I'd like see some movement away from having to hammer keys to get the next cast going to get maximum dps.

Officers' Quarters: Normal raiders are people, too {WoW}

Jun 15th 2009 1:38PM I agree, casual is 25 player raids. When I am 20% of the dps, the pressure is on.

Arcane Brilliance: Reaching the hit cap {WoW}

Jun 8th 2009 6:14PM Gothia, thanks for your insight. I can reach the 446 hit cap by throwing in some prismatic hit gems. So do I just do that and call it a day? In some situations I'll be wasting some stats. A raid leader might tell everyone to be hit capped or within 1% of being so. Let's say Gothia is the raid leader. Is he telling everyone to be hit capped or to be 3% under the hit cap, because of the Shadowpriest he invited, so as to try to get maximum raid dps?

I show up to a raid and expect to cast improved scorch which increases raid spell crit by 5%. Unless Scorchio tells me that Shadow Mastery or Winter's Chill (Which do the same thing) is on the boss, I try to keep my debuff up the whole fight, casting my lowest dps spell to do so. I assume Gothia would expect me to do this. Would he expect a Boomkin and Shadowpriest to do the same type of thing?

So to recap:
1) 446 hit or 368 hit?
2) What if the Boomkin and/or Shadowpriest dies?
3) 3% is a lot of dps. That's what I've always thought, and I think that helps me get invited to raids. That and trying to meet the raid leaders expectations.

I am currently about 1.5% under the cap, which makes me 1.5% over the cap with a hit debuff on the boss. It's a compromise solution. In BC is used to have a 'boss' macro that would swap in that Nethergon ring and the Scryers hit trinket that while good, didn't do much against level 72s. I might try something like that with the right with the right pieces. I have the Dying Curse trinket and am thinking that when I get the Illustration of the Dragon Soul, I'll be able to swap the two, changing my hit, while not feeling that I am losing much dps.

And one more thing Christian. Where is the Mage Tank fight? Tanking Krosh Firehand is about as good as it gets. Quick Gothia. What's the most important stat for that fight? It's spell hit.

Arcane Brilliance: Reaching the hit cap {WoW}

Jun 6th 2009 7:27PM In 25s we could assume that there will be either Misery or Improved Faerie Fire lowering the hit cap by 3%. What I'd like to hear from Christian is whether raid leaders should make a reasonable attempt to require that either Misery or Improved Faerie is up? It would seem to maximize raid dps.

My choice is to over hit which I can do as a TTW fire mage, or be 3 points shy of the cap and expect a raid leader to understand I am counting on either Misery or Improved Faerie Fire. It's true I hope to have the option soon of switching my gear around to change my hit by the 3 points at issue here.

As important as hit is, there is the chance to be either over hit or under hit. I guess being over hit is less a bad thing than under hit. There's also the case of running 10s where the chance of the buffs being up goes down.

Does anyone have some add ons that track Misery, Improved Faerie Fire and while were at it, TTW?

Here's your chance Christian to tell raid leaders how to set a raid up. Thanks.

Arcane Brilliance: PvPing as a Fire Mage after 3.1 {WoW}

May 14th 2009 6:12PM I am dual specced but both are for Raiding. One is a fire dps spec, and the other is a frost crowd control one when I am killing adds. For instance in O/S or for Gluth.

PvE fire can do quite a bit of damage in BGs. Living Bomb with its glyph is a primary spell, and staying at range are important I agree. Another tried and true suggestion is never fighting alone.

One of the funnest things to do in BGs is at the Strand of the Ancients. I get off the boat. Wait for someone to grab a vehicle, and then hop on it. I am now immune to all damage. A glass cannon with bullet proof glass. Anyone chasing the vehicle now gets to eat fireballs and living bombs. I'd call that fun.