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Ready Check: Casual meets hardcore {WoW}

May 16th 2009 5:32PM I can relate to his experience with his mom. My mom has a Night Elf Druid (36) and also has great difficulty in "stressful" situations, and doesn't like the idea of letting down other players in a group or raid. I've told her over and over again to know her surroundings and plan a way through mobs and packs of mobs. Inevitably, she ends up getting out-numbered and, most of the time, killed.

When she learned how to use her cat form to stealth past mobs, this was good. However, she often forgets that she has a three-foot tail swinging behind her. I once saw her sneak her way through a tribe of furbolgs, only to have her tail hit one as she went by. She panicked when the furbolg aggroed and ran into two others. How did she get out of this predicament? She died, of course. Deeming it too difficult, she was willing to abandon the whole affair, even threatening to quit Wow altogether.

To keep her playing the game, I played her druid with her watching, hoping to train her in the basic rules of survival, and showing her that her character is not weak but actually quite strong.

I also "assist" her on "tougher" quests with my Night Elf Rogue (65).