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12 Days of Winter Veil: Fool's Gold loot code from {WoW}

Dec 28th 2011 10:09AM Ive struck it rich haHA!

Aiding the Alliance: Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage {WoW}

Dec 21st 2011 6:49PM Wow. This article went from "hey what a great faction leader Tyrande is." to "To hell with that Malfurion guy!" To begin with this; Tyrande IS the best for her people as she has guided them through the safest paths of turmoil and strife. She is indeed blessed by her goddess and in thus is a powerful entity herself.

Now...the love between Malfurion and Tyrande has stretched thousands of years. Something very few characters can match. Just because everyone is interpreting Malfurion saying "Hush Tyrande" as "Keep your mouth shut" doesn't mean it is correct. For one thing, they just fought a powerful demon and she had COLLAPSED. So for one she would have to rest and save her energy. But the main thing here is that Illidan being the power hungry fool that he is had betrayed them prior to that instance where he makes a pact with Sargeras himself and is given power. He then switches sides once more as he realizes that what he really wants, he can't get from the Legion. So to sum this all up, Illidan "vanishes" from Malfurions sight and he wants to make sure he does not betray them again...which he does! by obtaining more water from the Well of Eternity. So "Hush Tyrande" becomes "Not now I'm looking for THE BETRAYER". Sure he blows her off, but the Well is going to collapse and time is short. She is a big girl and doesn't need to be coddled.

Than being said, Malfurion is a force to be reckoned with who does indeed put the world first and his people MAYBE second. Sure the Horde is on a killing spree, but Deathwing is too and he seems to be a bigger problem. Especially since he is threatening to destroy the World Tree! So yes, he is helping the Horde. Yes some of them have indeed killed night elves, but Deathwing wants to kill EVERYTHING! Put an end to the entire world. He isn't the Night Elf faction leader. He simply can't take that position as it would endanger his perspective on the world to keep it safe.

There is no need to separate two beings that are in love. While Malfurion was TRAPPED in the Emerald Nightmare, Tyrande stayed true to him. When Malfurion woke once more he stayed true to Tyrande. Blizzard has separated the two most tragic lovers already (being Jaina and Arthas), why keep doing it?

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Nightsaber Cubs from {WoW}

Dec 17th 2011 7:07PM I can haz Taurenburger!?

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Assault on Icecrown Citadel Raid Decks {WoW}

Dec 16th 2011 9:59PM I will gladly pay you Wednesday for a loot deck today! :O

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: BlizzCon Exclusive Murkablo {WoW}

Dec 15th 2011 10:08PM Must destroy world one tiny flame breath at a time!

Officers' Quarters: In the wake of drama, tragedy {WoW}

Nov 7th 2011 6:24PM Firstly I am sorry for your loss. That being said, you worked yourself into a pickle here. When Eddie returned you should have made him Co-Raid Leader. Let the two RLs work things through. They both obviously had things they could teach each other. Eddie with his past experience and the interim with the new strategies. You would have had two raiding teams and continued to grow as a guild.
Secondly, stressing to the guild and explaining Eddie's past role as Raid Leader and then having to leave for basic training would have went a long way. Especially with newer members in the ranks. Jealousy and Confusion abound when someones ritual is broken by an interruption. Eddie being that interruption and the ritual of course being raiding.
As for the service; have one! Celebrate that lost player by the memories you had with him/her in game and mourn the fact they have passed. Death should never be merely mourned. Remember the good times you had with this person and the happiness they brought to your lives. Anyone who knew this player should be allowed to attend as they share those memories of the lost comrade.

The Daily Quest: Panda-monium {WoW}

Aug 8th 2011 10:05PM New Blizzard MMOG? Mists of Pandaria?

If not then I will speculate that it will be an expansion with Pandarens being playable and able to choose which faction to side with. Pandarens fighting Pandarens!? That is Pandamonius! And Pandariffic!

Patch 4.2: Firelands bosses voice emotes {WoW}

May 11th 2011 9:29AM Alysra was captured by Ragnaros' forces while she still had Fandral. Fandral willingly joined Ragnaros' forces while Alysra fought for her very being. In the battle, her body was burnt and distorted through elemental flames and magics but her being/mind was held together albeit twisted to join Ragnaros. Through the magics of both Ragnaros and Fandral and the fiery core of the firelands, a new body was created for the once beautiful green dragon. Alysrazor was "reborn" from her own ashes to serve her new masters.