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Eyonix leaving Blizzard {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2010 11:37AM Yeah, unless you are lucky enough to be a contractor you don't usually get overtime in the IT industry. You get a salary which means you have no per hour rate, you just get a set amount per month whether you work 40 hours or 80. If Blizz seriously pays overtime for their employees i'm gonna start browsing their career site more regularly.

AddOn Spotlight: Chataclysm {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2010 11:09AM Be always careful of links on WoW, something as an innocent youtube video can have a keylogger in it

Gold Capped: Automating the grind {WoW}

Mar 28th 2010 2:57PM Whoever says you cannot make money with inscription you are wrong. Sure inscription is not as lucrative as it once was due to the fact that darkmoon cards are no longer that great (Darkmoon Card: Greatness was one of the best trinkets a ret pally could get but with ICC gear it is no longer true). Second is the dual spec. Before, every time you had to switch spec you had to buy new glyphs, but now you no longer need it.

However to say that you cannot make money is a little overrated. I have 1 AH alt completely dedicated to selling Inscription products, he has 4 full inscription bags with different glyphs, vellums and darkmoon faire cards. I just do a full scan of the AH (using Auctioneers Quick Scan option) and sell only the ones that are selling for average price or better. Logging in just once a day to do this gets me easily couple hundred gold per day (i am on a very busy server). However you do need to keep in mind that some glyphs sell more than others and some are more expensive, so I only try to keep the glyphs that sell and I buy out the competition so long as I only buy what I know I can sell.

Using this method I have sold some of the higher demand glyphs for 40g and up (sold a warrior tanking glyph for 80g once). And keep in mind that I don't have a level 80 herbalist so I either have to buy mats or buy the glyphs at low cost.

The Lawbringer: Interfering with gold farmers {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 8:17PM Simple reason why gold selling is bad (contracts with Blizzard aside) is economy. There are producers and consumers (i.e. people who make/gather things and people who buy those things). There is a tax levied on us via repairs, reagents and AH cuts, and there is a small layer of traders. As such the WoW economy flows via free market capitalistic fashion (hmm probably one of the reasons wow is banned in china). If you introduce legal gold buying/selling you will destabilize economy and make in game gold worthless, which will make it much harder for new players and players who cannot afford to buy gold to make enough money to play (if 20g before is 100g today, to raid for 4 hours will cost you over 400 g fasks). Which will make the game less fun to play, which will turn more players to other games. I for one would like to keep my economy under my (players) control and not the gold farmers. Keep in mind that you can probably write a masters or a {hD using WoW as a model for free market economy so this is just a short summary of the impact.

The Queue: A slap in the face! {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 7:57PM I think the only reason the hybrid tax exists is so that people would actively play other classes. Ignoring PvP mechanics (survivability) in a high end progression situation the 'hybrid' abilities are hardly ever used, and theoretically should never be used.

My main is a paladin, I played him since BC where I was holy and I am main specced Ret now. So hybrid tax aside here is the places where I am lacking compared to other non hybrid classes:
DPS - 1 interrupt + 1 cc both on a long cooldown, every other melee dps can do better interrupts than us.
Heals - virtually no hots and instants, if you're smart you can make it into 1 hot (maybe 2 with trinkets) and 2 instants all but holy shock are pretty useless.
Tanking - once again no cc and no interrupts, and almost no tanking CDs - Holy Shield (which should be up ALL the time anyway) and tanking bubble.

But having said that we have other pluses that are not related to us being hybrids (e.g. Blessings and Hands).

In a typical raid situation I hardly ever find myself of needing to dispel or heal if I am dps, So why should I have inherently lower dps just because theoretically I can do healer/tank type of things while in a real situation I never really would. 99% of the time my heal or dispel won't save the raid anyway.

However while I rant about how bad it is, I don't care about the tax. What I would like to see is introduction of boss mechanics (for 25 mans) that require you to have hybrid classes. Just like I would like to see 25 mans designed for 5 tanks and 5 healers to keep proper ratios across of tiers of end game. If you had 5 tanks required for a raid the LFG queues will go down significantly as more people will play tank in end game (of course you also have to make tanking specs PvP viable)

Ready Check: Raid buffs for great justice {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 6:44PM +1 for this. BoK is the unique pally buff that no other class can provide. Which is why its unfair that they made drums for kings but not for hero/bloodlust.

And dont forget to add to this article +hit bonuses and threat bonuses (misdirect and tricks, vigilance etc).

Ready Check: Raid buffs for great justice {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 6:40PM @must I?: I thought the same until I started raiding with 2 regular rogues in raid. Rogues have ToT which in my opinion is far better than misdirect. With rogues your raid can ramp out much much more dps than it usually can. Of course it is hard to quantify cause it depends on too many variables. In addition rogues are great interrupters and stunners.

@GerardthePriest: Each of the abilities does more than just dmg decrease. Vigilance also tranfers threat to the tank, BoS increases stamina and strength by 10% and returns mana when dodge/parry etc. So each one may decrease dmg equally but they don't wipe out the other effects.

Blizzard: "How would we bring WoW to the console?" {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 6:29PM So there's tech specs and politics involved, well not politics but money dispute. First i'll deal with the tech side:
Back in the day consoles were very different than pc games, any game that was made for the PC had to be reworked from the ground up to work on a console. Furthermore top end PC's always stayed ahead of consoles hard ware wise if for no other reason that consoles get upgraded once every few years but PCs are built up from parts that each can be upgraded on its own. So you can upgrade a PC much faster than a console. That all started to change with the Dreamcast (which in my opinion is still the best console ever made with respect to its generation) it was built similar to PC architecture and far better components. Current generation consoles are essentially PCs built for a very specific purpose. So porting WoW from Windows to Xbox360 should not be as big of an effort as it once was. The OS for Xbox is based on windows so the API is very similar. As far as memory (RAM/ VRAM) requirements both PS3 and Xbox meet them. As far as storage (harddrive space) it is not unreasonable to require a larger than basic hard drive. Keyboards and mice can be easily connected to both PS3 and Xbox360, any old USB one will do. However it is fairly easy to set up a game controller to play WoW with the trigger button modifiers and dual analog it should be easily doable and most modern RPG are as complex as WoW for play. Your only limitation is for chat purposes.

FFXI is already for the PS3 and I believe there are packages out there with a hard drive and keyboard included. Also games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero already come with additional hardware, maybe blizz can develop a special game pad for consoles.

And remember that consoles are limited in resolution - 1080p is still lower resolution than what I play with. So lower (or at least more predictable) hardware specs are required.

Wii users - you will never see WoW. Wii has very low end graphics hard ware and very little storage (no hard drives).

Now the other side of the story. First there the money issue. WoW players pay a subscription fee and Xbox players pay a subscription fee. So either Blizz or MS probably have a disagreement on that. i.e. either Blizz or MS don't want the players to pay double just to play WoW. On top of that Blizz like any other successful company out there has planned out its business operations at least 3 years ahead. So they are probably focusing on their new MMO project so big WoW developments are kept to new content only. In fact I am pretty sure a lot of new features we are seeing coming in development are probably pilot programs for the new MMO (test a feature on an exisiting market to see how it does).

So putting WoW onto consoles, while no easy feat, is more than doable. The reasons why we won't see it any time soon is because there is more to it than just changing code for a different platform or insufficient hard ware.

Blizzard: "How would we bring WoW to the console?" {WoW}

Mar 10th 2010 6:01PM Yeah from what I know WoW runs well under Wine, in fact I am pretty sure WoW devs actually work together with Wine devs for QA purpose.