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Icecrown raid access progression {WoW}

Nov 18th 2009 2:15PM Yes this is a ploy to keep subscriptions active but personally I prefer it this way. First of all instead of just saying "Eff u Blizz" suggest how you would keep content going until Cataclysm w/o staggered progression or another Sunwell patch. They said that ICC will be the final raid. So if they release the whole of ICC right away and then do 3.4 im sure all the same complainers will be here saying wtf Blizz you said there will not be a Sunwell in Wrath. Seriously it takes time to design and develop something like the Cataclysm expansion. And no they are not busy with SCII or D3, those are separate teams.

The biggest question to all those complaining is have actually cleared everything so far. And by everything I mean have you finished 25 man TOGC with 0 casualities, or with even 25 attempts left. On top of that have you defeated Alagoln and Yogg+0. What about Resilience will fix it? If you have grats, for you the complaint is legitimate, and I would suggest branching out to other games hardcore Arena. I don't have the numbers but I am pretty sure thats about 1% of the guilds in the world if not less. Most of the even most progressed guild still have stuff they can do.

Rent seeking (or lack thereof) in WoW {WoW}

Nov 16th 2009 2:10PM WoW economy models real life in way too many ways, I mean just look at the comments here to see resemblance.

In real life younger people genrally earn less and hence not able to buy luxury items. Compare this to in game where lower level players and players who haven't played for a while make less. Compare this for example to getting your first car and then getting that shiny Porche at when you are 45 to having regular flyer to epic flyer.

The AH is an open market system where there supply and demand rules strictly apply. You cannot be mad about AH undercutter's or AH fixers, these things to happen in real life too. Before you anything it was handled by many people/companies some of which do nothing more than buy in bulk and sell at high prices individually (a coffee costs about 50 cents to make yet you pay around $3-$4 on average). If a company is able to sell items for less while still making the necessary profits they will go in and undercut every other seller at that good (Compare Walmart to locally owned stores).

And of course in real life you have those people that complain about costs and think that they are being ripped off because of some rich pigs that just want to have more money.

Amongst other similarities you have Blizz changing drop rates and other similar things to increase or decreases prices on items. In real life the government (in a capitalistic nation) will interfere with free markets when theres a need (think minimum wage laws, rent prices, government subsidies and incentives).

The big difference here is that WoW economy is relatively safe from corruption and special interest groups (unions, lobbyists, lawsuits and bankruptcy). In addition WoWs economy is purely optional. With dailies giving you more than enough gold to support raiding and day to day activities you might not even see the inside of the AH (use trade/guild to get what you need and sell items you happen to get).

I personally really enjoy playing the AH, it is far less boring than farming while providing a economical challenge. And don't think its all profit with to recourse. I have lost thousands sometimes in bad buys or being overstocked on an item that is getting devalued because of changes that Blizzard did. It takes a huge amount of patience, spreadsheets, graphs and knowledge of the game and the worth of items. If you don't like it you don't have to use the AH, but if you need something there and then and it is a bad time to buy that item expect to pay more. It like buying fresh fruit in the middle of winter, its gonna cost more because it was either importe or grown in a green house.

The Light and How to Swing It: Divine Sacrifice {WoW}

Oct 30th 2009 12:01PM The Holy/Prot build has been superior to Holy/Ret since 3.2. With the nerf to illumination crits are not as much of a huge deal. The reason why a [url=""]51/20/0[/url] build is the best is not only for DG but also improved Devo Aura. Besides having a holy pally with imp devo in case you dont have prot if you keep reading it also gives you extra 3% healing with any of your auras. Thats 8% straight up healing bonus with talents alone. I with this build so long as you have enough sp, haste and you keep the JoP buff up you should be able to land 10k crits from Flash of Light just about every second. With SS increasing your crit and putting a HoT up you should almost always crit which means huge HoT up on the tank. And this was when I had 2350 Wow-Heroes GS. And also dont forget that while you waste points in the prot tree those are just as useful as PoJ (both Toughness and Stoicism will help you move and get those heals to the tank quicker) in addition if speed really is that much of deal to you there are Tuskar's Vitality is still a good way to go (your other alternative is +spirit, bleh).

However if you're still sporting mostly naxx gear then maybe you wont have enough stats to pull this off.

The Daily Quest: Grid healing addon guides and resources {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 1:20PM VuhDo should be mentioned. I have heard of it for a while but not until I actually tried it did I really appreciate the power. It is ready to go out of the box but whether you use grid or healbot with a little time (20-30 mins tops) you can get it to work and look almost like your old one. It is extremely flexible but the set-up menu is incredibly easy to use. Has test bars for 5/10/25 mans, tons of options including separate frames for Tanks (CTRA/ORA2 mechanics) or other special targets.

I have only been raiding for about a year or so but I do notice a sharp difference between ppl who raided pre BC and ppl who started in Wrath. Pre BC there was a set of add-ons that was a must, there really was nothing better and hardcore guilds would not let ppl raid without those. As times went buy other addons came out that are slowly replacing those first generation add-ons.

One example is BigWigs vs DBM. DBM was always the golden standard. When 3.1 came out some of the DBM timers were out of synch but apperently BigWigs was right on. So I switched. After using BigWigs for a while I missed some of the DBM functionality but I could not give up some of the features that BigWigs had. So now I run both.

Same thing with Grid vs Healbot. True that a while ago Grid was way better but today they are very close and as a Holy Pally I actually liked HB better (though some Grid options I missed, especially how little space it takes). However now there's a new guy on the block, VuhDo, and it honestly trumps both.

Vision Robotics' agricultural scout robot, coming soon to a farm near you {Engadget}

Oct 4th 2006 10:37AM I can see the Luddites coming back :-p

Imation's USB bracelet goes 1GB {Engadget}

Sep 21st 2006 11:28AM They need to be waterproof and under $10 (CA). Then I'd buy one.

Imation's USB bracelet goes 1GB {Engadget}

Sep 21st 2006 11:05AM That is exactly what I though when i saw them. They can even throw in usefull charity information on there like some vids or what their cause has done.

Alternatively I can see firms using this as a marketing tool or maybe you can get your favourite album on them (and the braclets have the band's logo and stuff)

Dell battery explodes at Yahoo HQ, hundreds evacuate {Engadget}

Sep 20th 2006 5:10PM So when are we going to hear a story of one of the laptops exploding on a plane?

German researchers unveil a euro cent-sized projector {Engadget}

Sep 20th 2006 3:21PM You're right this is not new but for the Symbol LPD Dimensions are:

(without heat sink)
2.6" x 1.8" x 0.9" = 4.3 in3
6.6 cm x 4.6 cm x 2.3 cm = 71 cc

Which is still much much bigger than this one. But the Symbol one can do all three colours.

White Box Robotics' 914 PC-BOT on the loose {Engadget}

Sep 20th 2006 2:51PM Since no one else does,
I, for one, welcome our Windows powered overlords.

Until the take over though, I want mine with a slot for a light saber, and a small fridge for beer.

But since it is Windows powered I dont see them taking over yet. "Prepare to be dominat....Fatal System Error, shutting down" :-p