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Why a week-long NDA for the MoP press event? {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 12:36PM Oh, but I will! It is all Mat's fault. And in the case he is not available to take the blame, Cutaia will do...

"Guide dog" player and guild embrace sightless guildmate, steer team to victory {WoW}

Jan 12th 2012 3:22PM For a person with a vision problem (due to a retine disease, I can't see with my right eye) that get more complicate in the future (I might eventually - please don't let it happen - to have the same problem on the other eye), this post just brought tears to my eyes... Remarkable. It's the kind of thing that makes me have hope in this world...

Patch 4.3: Rogue tier 13 is "Bat"man-inspired {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 12:52PM Why so serious?

Breakfast Topic: What size and frequency do you prefer for expansions? {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 1:00PM One thing I don't remind being mentioned yet is the repetitive, no brainner structure we have been having for years now. I am refering to the farming dailies, heroics, reputation. One thing most people tend to agree with is that skill and effort are different things. Trying express myself a little bit clearer, I'll divide the WoW community in some groups.

- Casual questers: Like the lore, the story, the epic feel. Almost play the same as a single-player game. 5-men are their raids.
- Social-casual: Like to interact with others (roleplaying or not). Play because of their guild, friends, community.
- Raiders: Both casual and hardcore. Like the challenge and the feeling overcoming it. Like the conmradry of it and the feeling of belonging.
- PVPers: Mostly competitiom, either hardcore or casual. Lore, raids and dungeons are not very important. Mechanics changes matter more than content.

I understand I am oversimplifying it, but my point is: which among those like to do the same thing over and over again? And by the same thing, I'm not refering the same mechanics or feel. I refering, literally to "the same thing". Same quests, same story, same bosses.

Once Blizz solve that issue, I won't mind if the expacs are bigger and slower or smaller and faster. I'll happy just to play the game. A neverending fresh feel is the most important feel they could achive. Let's hope they can do it! :)

Fully localized WoW launching in Brazil {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2011 10:48AM As Walter commented, Brazillian laws don't cover digital-only purchased content. That's why Steam, PS Store and even Blizzard digital products have their real price.

Extended maintenance announced for Tuesday, April 26 {WoW}

Apr 25th 2011 9:28PM "The Horde is my people. If it be war you bring, then I stand against you."

Am I thinking too hard or Vol'jin is half saying that to the other tribes and half reforcing the position he has regarding Garrosh?

Bashiok comments on WoW's difficulty, accessibility {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 5:34PM @ladygamertn

I felt very sad for you. I completely understand what you are saying, but the problem with the rudeness of people is not due to the game difficulty, but due to not being able to punish rude behavior.

As a guild and raid leader for around 3 years now, I can guarantee you that there are good guilds out there that sport serious raid progression while, at the same time, take the less dedicated/hardcore players into heroics and early bosses. We do that all the time. We took a 330 ilvl Hunter without any experience on Cata raiding to Halfus and Valiona and got both bosses down. It was fun. He had fun and all was good. And I'm not saying we are good. We still 8/12 on Cata progression, so it is not bad, but it is not stellar either. Maybe you just need to find a nice guild. I'm not saying it's easy, but if you ever get to Bladefist server, whisper Cruccifixo from Decadence guild. You will know a casual/serious/easygoing guild. :)

You can probably find this kind of guild on your own server, though...

Bashiok comments on WoW's difficulty, accessibility {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 4:56PM @ Matthew
As kingoomieiii mentioned, the problem with Wrath is not the difficulty level. It was how the difficulty were spread among the raid. With some exceptions (Putricide, Sindy, etc), the tanks and the healers could brute force through most fights. In 10-men, for instance, if you had 2 awesome tanks and 2 awesome healers, you could put with 2-3 bad DPS (30% of your group) and still kill most boss smoothly...
In Cata, you can't. If 2-3 DPS die early from sound levels on Atramedes or Glaciate on Ascedents, you won't be able to beat the enrage times. The difficulty is now spread throughout the whole group.

@ Sunaseni
I don't think the first Cata fights are harder than Putricide. OK, after people were overgeared and the buffed by Wrynn/Garrosh it was really really easy, but when Saurfang gate was opened and Plague Wing started, Putricide was pretty tough.

Magmaw, Omnitron, Halfus and Conclave are pretty easy (especially Conclave with a pally tank and a pally healer). Even Maloriak is easy enough. I agree that Valiona and Chimaeron can be annoying and that Atramedes might even require Body and Soul to pull through it, but the first four/five are easy enough and work as great entry level raids...

If you compared Cata with Naxx, it's a while different thing, though............

The Lawbringer: WoW launching in Brazil {WoW}

Mar 4th 2011 2:42PM @DarkWalker

Very well put. I do agree with everything you said. From an old loyal player point of view, the Starcraft 2 on Brazil was lousy done. A lot of "control" mechanisms that limited the game's reach instead of expanding it. Why not keep both options for language? Portuguese and English (similar industries such as motion pictures allow you to choose the original language for audio and subtitles). Why not let the consumer choose which region you would play at? Culturaly, most Brazilian players are fond to other languages expressions and names. It helps to build the "magic". It is hard to evaluate how expensive or complicate it would be to built those options into the Brazilian version, but they do sound like thinks that result on an unpolished. It is like selling a movie DVD/Blu-ray with only the dubbed version.

A local server infrastructure is something easier to understand. It is hard do approve this kind of investment on a experiment you don't really know the likely results. Mostly, I understand (hope) that the SC2 launch was a learning experiment. They wanted to see how well they would do before deciding to commit higher investiment on Brazilian gaming industry.

From a wider market point of view, though, the target market was not only the Blizzard loyal customer (those would probably buy the american original version), but the average Brazilian gamer. Someone that could pay around $30 for a 6 month only version.

It is hard to fully access Blizz movements into Brazil. I do hope they understand that the Brazilian game is not ready to pay for something they don't value. To create a strong community with raiding and balancing debates, local competition (such as guild ranking and PvP) and everything that makes a MMO a solid experience, Blizz needs to provide and communicate the value we would be paying for. They can create different "server" prices (higher prices for local servers, with lower latency and lower prices for USA/Mexico located servers). There are several possibilities Blizz can think when planning WoW launch.

The most important thing, as I mentioned on the original comment, is to make a resource commitment. As you (DarkWalker) pointed, Blizz is famous for making great, polished games. They shouldn't make a half-way move. Experiment with SC2 was risky but understandable. If they don't offer a "whole" product, it is unlikely they will go much farther than the present Brazlian MMO options.