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Arcane Brilliance: A lament for Frostfire {WoW}

Mar 21st 2010 8:36PM I am probably one of the few people on the planet that uses FFB in PVP. Now before I get spammed with "you're an idiots" counterspell locks you out of 2 schools of magic, etc. I know. Its not a big deal, I don't take FFB into an arena, I use it in BG's where things are usually too hectic for people to pay attention and couterspell.

Also I don't use the raid version of the elementalist spec, I use a deep frost spec, skipping out on Deep Freeze in favor of some of the more fun fire talents like blast wave, I keep my pet. The amount of flexibility I have is amazing. Getting beat on by a warrior? Frost nova and escape... getting low on health with a healer nearby? Ice Block... getting hit by a caster? counterspell and ice barrier... want to blast those friendly warlocks off a cliff or bridge? (YES PLEASE) blast wave...

I realize that i don't put out the same amount of damage as any the other specs would, but in a BG it should be about the battle ground achievement note pure DPS. And the range of flexibility my Frost Fire spec allows me is amazing... (Even if i would never take it into a raid because of damage out put issues)

I'm pretty sure that like the raiding spec, it was never what blizzard had in mind for the spell, but its just more fun to play that way.

Also Mr. Pants I continue to love your articles (even if sometimes when I read them I sometimes feel like I'm doing everything ass backwards from the rest of the mage community)

Arcane Brilliance: What Cataclysm will mean to Mages, part 1 {WoW}

Aug 25th 2009 10:54PM All i have to say is i have been on vacation and away from WOW for 2 months... I come back and am trying to catch up on what's happened in my absence... and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it...

My whole question at the moment is how did blizzard manage to keep secret the flying mount change to the old world?

Arcane Brilliance: Mages are fine! Now fix us. {WoW}

May 31st 2009 11:40PM What about a debuff cast on an enemy that if they get the killing blow on you they loose 50% base health... in pvp more than enough to kill most other players with you

Arcane Brilliance: Mages are fine! Now fix us. {WoW}

May 30th 2009 11:29PM Since this more of a dream piece than anything else... let me dream

permanent water elemental- though nice it'll break mage pvp, leave it as it is it does fine

Blink- yes I want to be able to blink through door ways and even off cliffs (if i'm dumb enough to do it let me!) and make it so i move while i slow fall not just fall straight down or at some points flash set me on the ground

Evocation- make it have a push back instead of cutting out, problem solved

Frost DPS- tweak the damage coefficient on frostbolt a bit higher, it'll increase DPS and the shatter crits will more than make up the DPS gap, and it isn't instant so it won't break PVP

Arcane- mobile casting and more AOE friendly tree (more than it is now) and make it mana intensive so it's only useful for 3+ mobs

Fire- all about blowing shit up, reall really fast, but make it so you run out of mana really really fast (maybe people will find a use for spirit to increase REGEN and Crit) also a neat "suicide" spell would be neat for PVP

Frost- all about control, add something to buff polymorph with like a frost DOT that DOESN"T break the spell, lots of slows and snares and make something in there that boss's aren't immune to only have average resist to (you'll see frost a whole lot more raid viable then)

DPS should be even- arcane is good at doing it moving (instant) and AOE (cast time), fire does it fast over a short period of time (casting and instant), frost does it slowest (more powerful spells) but keeps the opponent further away

on to the really dreamy part...Redesign of game mechanics:

Mages Offensive-
should by definition be master damage dealers with spells they should have the ability to cast all offensive spells. They should have limited ability to use healing spells and summon elementals/demons. Not looking for all the nifty pet abilities Warlocks get, nor all the amazing heals that priest/druids get, but we as a class in the study of our art should learn some of the other areas of magic... Let us have shadow bolt but make it a 25% longer cast time, have it do somewhat less damage, or give it a chance to backfire and damage ourselves... but make it an option... Let us stick to Fire, Frost and Arcane as our primary never fail spells and give them nifty buffs like they have now, or add a 4th talent tree that instead of being tiered lets you choose from a list (level limited perhaps) of what other schools of magic you want to buff (maybe 2 or 3 from each school) let us summon demons as a DPS boost but not as many of the special abilities as a warlock
Mages Defensive-
Basic healing spells would go nicely to improve survivability in PVP esp for fire(maybe make it self cast only). I liked the idea of a fire shield that casts back part of the damage it recieves (make it like ice barrier where it has a short duration), ice barrier works perfectly with the talent, arcane could use something, not sure what that would be but probably something to make mana shield better for arcane only, have a shield that works only against casters? like a huge resistance increase, but let melee come in for more than normal

Warlocks should be masters of demons and affliction give them ALL the elementals/DOTS and make them better than the mage equivalent... let them be masters at it (~same DPS as a ranged mage) and let them spec Shadow as an equivalent to arcane for mages mobilie casting and AOE

Priests should be masters of healing: and of story make it so they can DRASTICALLY out heal any other class (mana penalty possibly)... and then they can be masters of shadow and holy if they want (don't understand all the dynamics of a priest as i've never played one)

I think thats about all for breaking the game

Oh one more thing

Let the strictly cast classes (Mage, Warlock, Priest) and the hybrids (Druid, Shaman, *Paladin*) shift between classes... as a class we are all supposed to understand the same basic components of spell casting (in game) so we should be able to shift like with talent point specialization... Only make there be a huge penalty like 5k gold and for 6 hours of game time your damage is seriously nerfed, or you have to follow a long chain quest during which you loose spells from one class and gain them from another that forces you to go through the lower level areas to "relearn" your class

Arcane Brilliance: PvPing as a Frost Mage after 3.1 {WoW}

May 27th 2009 8:06PM Let me start of saying that i started playing wow 3.5 years ago strictly to be a frost mage in AB... and for the better part of 2 years I did just that in the 39 bracket... and was very good at it... I took some time off and while getting used to wrath has been interesting, I decided to step up to the 70 bracket for more bg options...

The way things i have learned that are critical to survival in BG's (don't know about arena) are
1. manage your shields- don't run around with ice barrier or any other shield up IT MAKES YOU A GIANT TARGET! put it up only after you start to take some damage, then advertising yourself isn't an issue, and hit BOTH mana shield and ice barrier, I also use defiler's talisman from AB for a bit more damage, by the time all 3 give out your ice barrier CD is done and you can pop it again if you need

2. Don't forget the wards- mages in my bracket like to target each other, nothing pisses them off more than absorbing their frostbolts

3. Blink- leave your cooldown free, it is great to Nova and get out, or if a DK pulls you in, spin and pop out again... it keeps you alive

4. Water Elemental- use it as soon as the CD is up if you have more than 1-2 targets for it, also use it's Nova ability fast so you get a second one if it lives (mine generally are ignored)

Glyphs- Mage Armor, Slow Fall and Evocation are the ones i use, the mana increase is great for long fights and allows me to pretty much use evocation for healing as needed and not waste the mana

5. Healing- Pots, Bandages, Evocation, Herbalism for healing, nothing is worse for the enemy that having you pop off your shields at low health and all of the sudden be at full health again, I can heal almost 8k without evocation so it is a real life saver and the CD on Lifeblood is short enough to be worth having

6. Use counterspell on the healers, it's wasted anywhere else

7. Stand back- you aren't designed to stand in the front of the group and be a target, blast from a ways back.

8. Fire and Frost are deadly- Spec frost for the elemental buff and fire for impact and master of elements. A 2 sec stun is more usable IMHO than silence, also reduced cast times and longer range are a bonus that allow you to stay in one place and target things that are moving more effectively

9. Be mobile- staying put is great if no one notices you and i highly reccomend finding a good spot to blast from that makes it hard for melee classes to touch you, but be prepared to shift to a mobile offense instantly. As soon as you become targeted and attacked by someone, hit the shields and MOVE, frost nova followed by ice lance, and cone of cold until fire blast is available, you burn lots of mana that way but if you play it right it's more than enough to stay alive and kill who ever is attacking you

10. be appreciative of heals- Thanking people for heals is a sure way to get more... and nothing is better than heals

11. Fight with someone else- you are much more effective as a pair or more than you are solo, also defense is not your speciality stay offensive as much as possible, even if it means OFFENSIVELY coming to defend a flag or base

12. Use crowd control- slow down people on mounts trying to race through your line, or better yet sheep them so other people can kill them too your primary goal should be to slow them down as fast as possible not deal damage

13. Don't be afraid to use other spell types, arcane blast is good for a quick bit of damage, and arcane missiles is good when LOS is an issue, don't be afraid to use them they may be more mana costly cause you're not speced for them, but your efficient enough to make up for it

I am speced 0,16,45 and love it, I wouldn't go arcane to save my life (at least not partially completely is another story) the most important thing to remember is to be adaptive, don't get locked into a sequence of spells, they aren't likely to be able to be done before you die... adapatability will give you that added edge to stay alive long enough to do more damage

Arcane Brilliance: Mage addons for PvP {WoW}

May 19th 2009 10:06PM Just thought I'd throw out that I use

to keep track of my portals (it's outdated but still works) in a handy box and it keeps track of remaining reagents


to handle my action bars and better group buttons, I play with key bindings and it allow much more customizability, and if you only need a bit more space it lets you keep the default UI