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Guest Post: The death of in-game interaction {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2010 2:10PM Er....while I somewhat agree with what you've said here, most of your "solutions" are just the drudgery that made games like EQ terrible. Things like death penalties and forced PvP in raids (actual PvP, not things like champs or gunship) aren't what the WoW community has been bred to enjoy, in fact we've been bred to be thrilled that we don't have those things. It's all fine and dandy when you think, 'Woah I'm out on my own and I really don't want to die because there's a cost!" but I'd be throwing a few curses at the game if on the 10th wipe of a hard progression boss we had to call it quits, not because we ran out of guild flasks or repairs for the night, but because our main tank and 5 healers just lost a level. That said, I do miss how I used to friend people I thought were good tanks so that I could invite them on future heroic runs. My server has a private pug channel and while there were trolls, decent groups were actually made in it quite often. These days it's become nothing but "LFM ICC 25 GDKP, 5.8k GS or 5k gold required!"

Reader UI of the Week: Stärs' UI {WoW}

Aug 17th 2010 2:36PM While I know how much you've fallen in love with your floating input frame Matt, I hate to venture I've been using a more elegant solution through prat for years :P By inverting the text scroll direction so that new lines are added at the top I can put the input frame on top of the chat box and tuck the whole affair in front of a nice kgpanel frame in the lower right hand corner of my screen. Though perhaps this only works for me because I have the inhuman ability to process multiple channels + whispers + raid chat + party chat + annoying RealID friends within one window.....

Officers' Quarters: Reforging loot systems {WoW}

Jun 7th 2010 4:52PM As a Restoration Shaman I disagree with the designation of Mp5 gear as "healer gear." With the way improved water shield currently works crit actually provides more regen than raw Mp5 point for point. I look for as little Mp5 gear as possible and value Spellpower, Haste and Crit. I don't have any gripes about bidding against a larger pool of raiders, but if my guild denied me the gear that was an actual upgrade as compared to the Mp5 gear which is usually a downgrade I would be extremely unhappy.

Breakfast Topic: Gotta go! {WoW}

Jun 6th 2010 1:55PM O.o
OMG BEES!!!!!!

BlizzCon Ticket Status: Sold Out {WoW}

Jun 5th 2010 2:15PM $150 a ticket plus $12-15 a month for ~11 Million accounts world wide, not to mention all the merch (real and virtual).....I don't think they're having any trouble with money.

Remote auction house beta test expanded {WoW}

May 21st 2010 9:27PM Hrmph. I have a physical authenticator key which stays next to the computer I play WoW on unless I travel, I'd rather not put it on my key chain and risk losing somewhere. Might be a deal breaker for this feature =/

Win a copy of "The Guild Leader's Handbook" by Scott Andrews {WoW}

May 11th 2010 4:16PM Management advice + WoW? I'm in!

Cataclysm class previews coming soon {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 5:13AM My only concerns about paladin is that they are going to completely change the way the class plays, ie. the seal/judgement changes and so forth. The Wrath changes were needed and good, but other than a nerf to SoC tanking I'd be sad if we became a new class again. I enjoy main tanking ICC, I don't find pally tanking roflfaceroll easy at the 25 man raid level. The challenge comes from the encounter, not the class, and honestly all the tanks I know agree regardless of class. By the time you throw your shield at Sindragosa, you know what buttons to press. I'm just hoping Blizzard keeps those buttons familiar. I'm ramblin in my tiredness, goodnight people I don't know!

The Queue: Mike Sacco and the Saccos {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 1:33PM The fact that it is "best" for mages to fm each other in some weird arcane pact is one of the worst misconceptions in the game. It's selfish and promotes personal dps between mages instead of putting the buff where it is most useful.

The Queue: In which vacation was taken {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 6:59PM @Lainn

Not a criticism, just a little tip. With guarded by the light (which you should have as prot), as long as your weapon hits for a white swing once every 15 seconds you can keep divine plea up. That's 25% mana regen every 15 seconds, ie. a full mana bar every minute and with the glyph 3% incoming damage reduction. Figure in t10 4 piece and you get an addition 15% dodge on top of that. Due to this you should never have to seal or judge wisdom, and the 15 second timer keeps your speed up, since it's "hit the next mob in 15 seconds or be oom until divine plea comes off CD." I even have the divine plea buff set up in power auras so that I can see it more easily. That way, if there are glowy lines around my pally, she has