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Richard A. Knaak, other authors will be signing at BlizzCon {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 10:54PM Medievaldragon here. I forgot to write anything about Christie Golden going to Blizzcon in that newspost, but I interviewed her on June 18 at the Book Revue bookstore in Huntington, New York, and she gave me a ride back to Manhattan.

We talked a lot of things about the books, and of course asked her if she was going to Blizzcon. She confirmed she is going to BlizzCon, and Jaime Costas from Simon & Schuster, Inc. (Pocket Star Books) will be there too.

Thanks for following my reports, Mike. ^_^

The Daily Quest: Tanking, esports, and comics {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 10:53PM Hi Ullaana, I didn't speculate there is otherwordly Pantheons. There is only one Pantheon composed of: Aman'Thul, Eonar, Golganneth, Khaz'Goroth, Aggramar and Norgannon.

These are the leaders of the Titan race. The Pantheon.

What I did speculate is there might be more Old gods outside Azeroth. Harbinger Skyriss said "We span the universe, as countless as the stars!"

It's not too far-fetched there are more of them out there outside Azeroth. In Halls of Stone Tribunal Library they said the Old gods are a parasitic necrophotic symbiote. Which means, they aren't indigenous to Azeroth, but a race that is probably spread throughout the Warcraft universe. The Titans bring order. The Old god race brings chaos.

BlizzPlanet is giving away some BlizzCon tix {WoW}

May 20th 2009 4:51PM Hey there, Mike. Thanks for promoting this for the community.

Blizzard lets fansites decide how to giveaway the Blizzcon tickets. They are very flexible. All they ask is that it is given via contests.

I decided to make this giveaway a lore egg hunt for each of the main Blizzard games, to promote the pocket books, the mangas and the comic books. And added the Mountain Dew Promotion because it. After all Blizzard has been very very supportive with fansites and the community. They are very kind to approve interviews with the book writers, and even with Frank Pearce (NY Midnight Launch) and Chris Metzen & Micky Neilson (NY Comic Con). I decided on my own to give back by making this giveaway promote their products.