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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded media plays on your nostalgia {Joystiq}

Oct 13th 2011 7:40AM @DerickDBrown

No, Brosnan isn't Bond, but he was Bond in Goldeneye. It would have been equally stupid if they put Brosnan in the "From Russia With Love" game.

Pokemon Black & White media evolves into video on Pokemon Sunday {Joystiq}

Apr 18th 2010 1:14PM HG and SS already have all the elements introduced in Crystal, so there's no need for a remake.
They never did a remake of Yellow either.

TGS 2009: Sony adding motion to existing titles, new RE5 with motion coming Spring 2010 [update] {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2009 2:37PM The Power Glove, everything else is childsplay

All 10 Left 4 Dead 2 melee weapons over here! {Joystiq}

Sep 9th 2009 2:19PM They called him "Machete".

Ask a Lore Nerd: Speculation station {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 1:21PM Pandaren would be too silly. Everyone would play them, kind of like gnomes, only worse.

I would love to see them as NPCs though, maybe a small island dedicated to them. They should be a faction we could get reputation with, and maybe have a potion of some kind that we could use to transform into them, like Kalu'ak and the iron dwarves.

The Queue: Are you a god? {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 4:22PM Do you think Turpster will be the new race and/or hero class in the expansion?

The Queue: Are you a god? {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 4:16PM You are able to log out instantly at places you get rested bonus. Everywhere else you have to wait, but you get a choice to exit the program before the log out process is done.

Personally I beleive this is to prevent people from just logging out mid fight.

UPDATE: Fields of Honor Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 5:52AM I want the huge c... no, I can't write that here...

TurpsterVision: FigurePets Unveiling {WoW}

Jun 25th 2009 7:41AM So no jokes about putting your pets in the microwave?

Anyway, the pet I would make a print of is the Argent Squire. The other two might be Proto-drake Whelpling, Pengu, or the murlocs.