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LinkedIn shows technical savvy, deactivates Gawker-compromised accounts {Download Squad}

Dec 15th 2010 10:39AM LinkedIn wasn't savvy, it was stupid. So was Blizzard. Just because I had an account with Gawker and LinkedIn didn't mean I used the same passwords for both.

But the big problem with those emails was encouraging people to click on links in the email to go manage their accounts. Seriously? And Blizz wonders why its customers are so frequently hacked.

Officers' Quarters: The guild achievement controversy {WoW}

Dec 13th 2010 2:52PM The XP nerf was far more annoying than this. Look, I'm in a very small guild (total of 3 RL people and 8 or 9 characters at most). At first we were leveling the guild fairly quickly. Then they added the nerf somtime on Saturday or Sunday and guild XP just stopped in its tracks. One day we're adding 1.6M XP, then the next day its like 140K for roughly the same play (i.e., # of quests turned in, etc).

They should have left the Achievements and the XP the way they were. Large guilds would have powered through the levels? Really? *yawn* Large guilds already have a ton of other advantages over us smaller guilds. If I cared, I'd join or start one of them. But the achievement nerf in combo with the xp nerf leaves my guild much worse off relative to big guilds than just not changing a damn thing would have.

Again, not that I'm going to leave and join one of these drama factories, but if that was the point in the change, Blizz screwed it up far worse than it already was.

Update: Keylogger source identified {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 4:25PM It is interesting to see all the "its the users fault" comments. While technically this is true, the reality is that it is getting more and more difficult not to get hacked for non-technical users. You can run NoScript and anti-Virus and something like Secunia to make sure your Adobe crapware is patched when the inevitable security holes are found in them, and you can still get hacked because the gold sellers just keep getting more and more sophisticated with their attack vectors.

This MITM attack using Google supported links is pure genius. I think many of the commenters here fail to recognize just how difficult it is for nontechnical folks to not realize these are fake.

Does the average WoW user need to become a computer security expert simply to play an online game?

Blizzard C&Ds iPhone Armory app {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 3:36PM "I'm rusty, and my primarily expertise is in UK law, rather than US, but I'm pretty sure that makes me just a little more qualified to talk about the issue than you.

Now, about those facts, would you care to present some? Just to summarize the facts I've presented for you so far.

1) Any use of someone else's intellectual property is potential infringement, subject to the exceptions of fair use, public domain and certain other statutory provisions.

2) The fact that the intellectual property is 'publically available' does not mean that it's use is not an infringement."

In the U.S., courts have tended to find that you can't have a copyright in a collection of publicly available facts. The way the US deals with these issues is almost 180 from the way UK and European courts tend to handle them.

It is very unlikely in the US that the collection of data that constitues the name, level, realm, etc of the characters in WoW can be copyrighted in and of itself, anymore than MLB can copyright a database of its player names and batting statistics and then enjoin others for redistributing such information.

One different issue here is that the information is only publicly available to the extent that Blizzard chooses to make it publicly available on the Armory, so they could argue this app is using ongoing Blizzard resources. But given some of the other intensive apps that have been run against the Armory that Blizz had problems with, this would be a fairly weak argument.

Again, it is a shame this won't be litigated. It would be fun to watch.

Blizzard C&Ds iPhone Armory app {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 3:23PM this really Blizzard's intellectual property, though? Is the fact that my Gnome is level 70 and currently has an S2 helm really Blizzard's intellectual property?

Remember, this is similar to the argument that the MLB players association made and *lost* on (that MLB data was intellectual property and could not be reused by fantasy sports sites without licensing).

This would be a very interesting case to see litigated, but presumably the iPhone Armory app folks are just going to roll over.

Flying mounts and ruined PvP {WoW}

Jul 10th 2008 9:12PM Sound like the person who posted it is no good at ganking. Seriously, I'd be ashamed if I publicly posted that people were always flying away from me before I could get to them. L2P.

If I don't want to PVP, I just Vanish when someone gets close. Damn, Vanish ruined PVP.

Breakfast Topic: AV Fixed? {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 10:03AM "Alliance can ride past everyone and really only need to fight 5 people: the 4 npc's guarding the RH flag and one random guard they literally run over. There is also the issue of how they can get into the base. They dont have to go thru the front gate as there are several ways for them to get past the fence."

Absolutely. I play as Alliance and, if anything, the AV is easier now. As long as you have players who know what they're doing, it's a straight up 50% of players ride to RH, 50% do Galv and cap IBT/TP, and then you're done.

The choke point disparity that you raise is a serious problem that makes it much easier for Ally to do an effective RH rush.

March 12th PTR changes {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 2:56PM Not sure why this comment got modded down. If they were 500g I could understand the comment about casual players. But 50g? Give me a break...that's like 30 minutes of farming in Nagrand. Unless casual means someone who plays like 20 minutes per week, the price increase isn't a big deal to anyone.

Blizzard explains hunter suspension {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 10:39AM "So someone broke the rules and got banned. Part of the banning process is deleting ALL of the threads created by the banned person."

Um, that is so idiotic I can't believe Blizz would admit to this or that you would defend it.

Especially since this was apparently a temporary ban. Wow. Blizz customer service FTL.

Forum post of the day: Really bad quests {WoW}

Feb 26th 2008 3:15PM "Arross of Thorium. "I have to say so far the worst quest I have ever had was Super Sticky in Un'goro Crater. The drop rate isn't bad, it's horrible."

Pretty much everything Un'goro Crater sucks.

OTOH, the most idiotic quest as to be A Rare Bean...WTF?

Like the civet coffee it is parodying, it's just gross.