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How will they do the loot in Trial of the Crusader? {WoW}

Jun 19th 2009 2:00PM It would have been better if they had done this system from the start before people had already established their raids and rosters.

We formed a 25man raid, despite the fact that a lot of us prefer the atmosphere of a 10 man, because the original game plan had been to have the biggest challenges and the best loot there. With that in mind, we decided it was worth the logistics and loss of intimacy to go with 25man.

However, if they change it to where 10man loot equals 25man in value, then a lot of us who made that choice – and I don’t think we’re rarities -- either have to suck it up and stick to 25man, or else go through the atrocious drama of pairing ourselves down to just 10. It's the obnoxious transition from Karazhan to Gruul/Mag in reverse, and it’s difficult to make smoothly.

Make no mistake, I am not of the mindset that ten mans are for "casuals" and should have worse quality loot. This isn't about elitism, this is simply about switching the system late in the game. If 10hard = 25normal, that’s cool, but I’d be really sad to see 25normal < 10man hard.

In any case, it's a bit early to say now which it will be, but I really hope they keep some sort of stratification like they have now.

Completion rates on Wrath heroics {WoW}

May 21st 2009 3:31PM My raid full cleared Naxx25 pretty quickly and we're far from hardcore. It took us two reset periods (maybe three), I think, but we only raid twice a week for three hours; if we had run more hours a week and weren't so limited on time, we would have cleared it in our first reset. Most of us were in blues and craftables. A couple people had ten man gear already, but not very many. I know I started still wearing my [non-sunwell] Tier 6 because I had been leveling another toon and had no time to find enough good gear to justify losing my set bonus.

In my experience, (a) a lot of people think they are not ready for Naxx until they are in full heroic gear/rep epics and thus start much later than "necessary" (assuming they want to raid and (b) a lot more people are finished with Naxx then think they are. The few raids I still know who are running it (assuming not an alt run) absolutely have the gear level for moving into Ulduar, but think they need to stay until every last person has every last blue replaced... which isn't the case. So I think those influence people's progress speeds quite a bit.