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Addons 101: Interface elements {WoW}

Jul 7th 2010 12:35PM I've played for over a year now, and I've never paid much attention to add-ons--I'm not terribly computer literate and it seemed too complicated and confusing to figure all that out.

But I read this article and took its advice to start small, changing just one piece of the UI, so I started with the map. I went to Curse, downloaded Sexymap, followed Curse's instructions for manual installation, and in practically 3 seconds I was done.

I am thrilled with just this small change to the look of my game--I've been playing with the different presets for the last 15 minutes :) I can't believe I ever went so long using the boring default UI--my map looks awesome now! I've got the urge to start changing the rest of my UI, now that I see it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. So thanks for the article--you've scored one convert :-)

WoW Rookie: Essential WoW terminology in other languages {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 7:51PM @Urza4n--nice work! I was going to do this until I saw you beat me :)

For those who can't read/pronounce Russian, or find yourselves in Vent hearing an unfamiliar language that sounds vaguely Eastern European, here's a rough transliteration/pronunciation (I took 3 years of Russian in college and have traveled to Latvia/Russia so I kinda/sorta know, but I'm no expert by any means):

Hello Привет/Прив (for short) or "ку"--Privyet
Goodbye Пока--Poka
Please Пожалуйста (but usually "плз" for short)--Pozhalusta (can also be used to say "You're Welcome)
Thank you Спасибо--Spasiba
Yes Да--Da
No Нет--Nyet
I don't know. Незнаю--Ne znaiyoo

I'll tank. Я танк/танкую--Ya tahnk
I'll heal. Я хил/лечю--Ya kheel/lechyoo
Can you share quests? Разшарьте квесты--Razshartye kvesti
Buffs Бафф--bahff
Please turn off Aspect. Выключи аспект--Vuiklyoochee aspekt

Ready? Готовы ?--Gotovui?
Ready! Готов !--Gotov!
AFK афк (everybody just uses this)
BRB Сейчас/ща вернусь--seychass vernooss
Wait, please. Подожди/погодь плз. Podozhdee/pogod plz

Follow me. За мной--Za mnoi [literally "Behind me." Good for a tank to know =)]
Go го/пошли--poshlee
Stop стоп--stop
Which way? Куда ?--Koodah?
Right Направо--Naprava
Left Налево--Naleva
Straight Прямо--Pryama
North На север--Na sever
South На юг--Na yoog
East На восток--Na vostok
West На запад--Na zapad
Up Вверх--Verkh
Down Вниз--Vneez

Let the tank pull. Пусть танк пулит/тянет--Poost tahnk pooleet/tyanyet
Don't pull aggro. Не срывай агро--Ne sruivai agro
Move! Двигай--Dvigai
Wait here. Жди тут/здесь--Zhdee toot/zdyes
Need heals. Похильте\Нужен хил\ХИЛ !!111!!! :)--Pokheeltye/Noozhen kheel/KHEEL!!111!!!
Need Надо/нид--nada/need
Greed Грид ???--greed???
Need on items you want for any reason. Нидьте что хотите---Needtye shto khoteetye

I need this quest. Нужен этот квест (also use "ку" for quest)--Noozhen etot kvest
I need to kill [X]. Мне надо убить [X].--Mnyeh nada oobeet [X]
I need to gather [X]. Мне надо собрать [X].--Mnyeh nada sobrat [X].
Let's run back from the graveyard together so we don't get lost. Побежали с кладбища вместе, чтоб не потеряться---Pobezhalee s kladbeeshcha vmestye, shtob nyeh poteryatsya
Would you like to run another? Хотите/хочешь еще в один инст сходить.--Khoteetyeh/khochesh yeschyo v adeen eenst skhadeet?

Keep in mind Russian has sounds English doesn't, and vice versa; this isn't perfect. When you see "kh", that is supposed to represent the sound made like a hard, throaty "H"--very similar to the "Ch" in Chanukah.

Hope this helps some!

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks and the barrier to entry {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 8:44PM Absolutely spot-on article.

My "main" is a human prot warrior--I dinged 80 last August, but haven't run a heroic yet. Instead, I prefer to spend time leveling my new main, an Orc enhance shaman.

Why? For all the reasons listed in the article--the sheer amount of responsibility placed on the tank can be a huge burden. You zone into that instance, and all of sudden you're expected to be a leader of men and women--even if you don't particularly like being front and center. The tank, by definition, must lead. A healer's job is also difficult, and DPS can be hard as well, but in the end, they aren't required to know where they're going, who and how much to pull at what time, etc. Healers and DPS can, and must, follow the tank.

I wasn't (and still am not) ready to be a leader, it's not my make-up. I much prefer to let others lead, as I suspect a great many of us do. When I made that warrior, it was my first character ever, and I didn't realize that it would require a certain mindset/personality that I didn't really have. Hence, my new shaman, so I can just DPS and let others take the heavy plate-mantle of tanking.

I think a contributing factor to there being fewer tanks (and healers) is the level of responsibility involved, and most people don't want to deal with that from a game. Myself included.

Final thought: how many leaders do you know IRL? I can't say I know a whole lot--maybe a handful. Why should we expect a higher proportion in WoW?

BlizzCon 2010: July in Las Vegas [Updated x5] {WoW}

Nov 12th 2009 6:47PM I seem to remember Metzen or someone else saying that by next Blizzcon there would be complaints about goblin rogues...if that still holds, then we could see Cataclysm before next July!!

Breakfast Topic: If you could add one new feature {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2009 2:49PM I think it'd be fun to eventually allow Horde and Alliance to play together--perhaps just grouping, but I'd like to see cross-faction guilds someday. Perhaps it could end up being like a third faction...we could have diehard Alliance and Hoard players on both sides who wouldn't want to play with each other and keep their faction pure, while there could be the option to join a third faction for the "enlightened" (making a REAL alliance of all races) who want to put aside the squabbling and join forces. Although there is the possibility everyone would want to go cross-faction, so that might not work out...any thoughts?

Breakfast Topic: What do you think of's new features? {WoW}

May 23rd 2009 9:59AM When i do a search for articles, they don't come up in chronological order, making it difficult to find current, up-to-date information. Can you make sure articles are getting arranged by date? Thanks, love your site!